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Fuente: http://occupycunynews.org/2012/05/21/cuny-students-and-the-free-university-to-stand-in-solidarity-with-quebec-students-tomorrow/

 This Tuesday, May 22, marks the 100th day of the ongoing Quebec student’s unlimited strike, already one of the largest student mobilizations in recent history.

During 100 days of strike, contempt, and resistance, students have mobilized against steep tuition increases, austerity and debt, and the criminalization of the right to education. In order to break the growing strike and destroy the power of the student union, the Quebec Government enacted a special emergency law (Bill 78) this past Friday. Popularly known as “Loi Fuck,” the law is a blunt and draconian tool that outlaws public assembly, imposes harsh fines for strike activity (even tacit support), and effectively makes organizing an arrestable offense.

On Tuesday in New York City, CUNY students will stand in solidarity with Quebec students who will be marching in record numbers, in defense of the right to protest, and for the right to education as we determine it.

As part of these actions, the Free University is hosting a pop-up occupation Tuesday, May 22nd in Washington Square Park at 5PM about the state of the student unlimited strike in Quebec, the criminalization of dissent, and what this means for the student movement at CUNY. All who want to come and teach a class, facilitate a discussion, or host a skill-share as part of the Free University are welcome. Those interested are asked to come to the park with a sign announcing the class and check in at the table on the North side of the fountain at 5PM. All classes will be announced on a board at 6PM.


2PM—Demonstrate, 1 Rockefeller Plaza
Demonstration in solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike
Outside the Quebec Government Offices at 1 Rockefeller Plaza

5PM—Gather, Check-in, Washington Square Park, North Side of Fountain
Gather to paint banners, make ‘book bloc’ shields, and cut red squares for the evening march.
Check-in for those who want to facilitate lectures, workshops, skill-shares, and discussions. Please bring all the materials you may need to make banners and host classes.

6PM—Free University, Washington Square Park, various locations– check board on North Side of Fountain
Teach in/Speak out assembly about the Quebec student strike, the emergency laws, and the criminalization of dissent; followed by self-organized lectures, workshops, skill-shares, and discussions of the Free University.

8PM—Assembly and March, Washington Square Park
General Assembly and March against Repressive anti-protest laws worldwide

Students in Quebec use the symbol of the “red square” to signify being financially “in the red” amid tuition hikes, cuts in social entitlements, and the spectre of spiraling student and consumer debt. We are all ‘in the red’ as long as the 1% imposes upon us austerity, debt, and repression. An increase in the powers of the police and the state anywhere is an attack on us everywhere.

For more information about the Free University, please contact maydayfreeu@gmail.com

Useful websites:

Facebook page for the May 22 national demonstration in Montreal, QC:

The poster (PDF)

The call for solidarity donations (includes an excellent summary of Bill 78):

Stop the Hike!


To better coordinate information between our demonstrations, these hash tags are in use in Quebec and would help student strikers learn of our tweets, etc.

Hashtags to use:
#GGI (Greve generale illimitee/Quebec student strike/movement)
#Loi78 (Bill 78)
#manifencours (Demonstrations in progress, all actions)

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Press release in support of the student movement in Chile

Democracia real Ya! (Real Democracy Now!), the peaceful protest movement of the ‘Indignant’ who took to the streets of Spain on May 15th to demand real democracy, states its support and solidarity with the Chilean people in their legitimate demand for  free quality Public Education as a fundamental right for all of society. We also support the initiative by the student movement to conduct a referendum to resolve this conflict in a direct and legitimate way, while we condemn the Chilean government’s intransigence, its denial of citizens’ right to assembly and public gathering, and the brutal police actions against the people of Chile.

The Democracia real Ya! platform is an open network of individuals, groups and autonomous movements that work together for real democracy. Democracia real Ya! began in Spain in early 2011 and called for the May 15th demonstration under the slogan: ”We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers.” From this call to take to the streets, emerged a spontaneous popular protest in the form of tent cities that later evolved into neighbourhood and town assemblies. All of this constitutes what is known as the 15M movement (May 15th movement), which has united hundreds of thousands of outraged citizens. Currently, we are networking with people around the world.

In the case of Chile, we support the students’ demands for increased public funding in higher education as a percentage of GDP, for a democratization of the system, and for equal access to quality education for people from diverse social backgrounds. We also condemn profit making by private universities that use state funds, which has generated the most expensive, segregated and unequal education system in the world. It’s worth noting that profit in education is illegal in Chile, but for over 20 years society has implicitly accepted it, without the authorities taking any action to deal with this.

In addition, what outrages us today is Chile’s Ministry of Interior’s repeated violation of basic human and civil rights guaranteed in any constitutional democracy. We repudiate the unacceptable violence by the Chilean Police Force, who are using tear gas and water cannons against peaceful demonstrators, causing serious harm to their dignity and health. The Carabineros are also using police infiltrators to incite violence in demonstrations and are have carried out violent evictions of occupied educational establishments, even when students did not put up resistance.

It is intolerable that the government and the special police forces do not allow citizens to exercise their legitimate right to “peacefully assemble without permission and without arms”, stipulated in Article 19, clause 13 of the Constitution of the Republic of Chile. Furthermore, we condemn the refusal of the authorities to permit citizens to exercise their legitimate right to “petition the authority on any matter of public or private interest, with no limitation other than to proceed in a respectful and appropriate manner”.

Due to the above, we support the resolution of this conflict through a plebiscite, referendum, or any other mechanism of direct democracy, which in this case, needs to be ratified by the Congress through a constitutional amendment, so that citizens can legitimately exercise their right to express their will regarding this issue.

In tune with social movements around the world, Democracia real Ya! blames the global financial system for this new form of domination over the sovereignty and self determination of people. We also share citizens’ outrage at the pollution and lack of respect for the environment, including the brutal plundering of natural resources in Latin America.

For all the above reasons, we call on Chilean authorities to heed the legitimate demands of its people for Public Education, to stop the repressive measures against those who exercise their right to demonstrate publicly and to seek a peaceful solution for the sake of the Chilean society.

Finally, we call upon citizens around the world to organize and rise up peacefully to demand their rights. We cannot just sit and wait. We must act. Several parts of the world have already begun to awaken. We must be the protagonists of our own destiny.

Fuerza Chile and to all citizens of the world.

Global Democracy Now.

Democracia real Ya!, August 17, 2011



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