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Updates from Portugal for #12m15m MAY12

There will be actions on the May12 in Porto, Coimbra, Santarém and Lisboa, and it seems that there are people in Évora already organizing something too. In Leiria, Braga, Aveiro, Faro and Vila Real is possible that someone or some group comes up with a demo, but I didn’t find any information yet.

There have been already two assemblies to prepare the May12 in Lisbon (in which several groups are participating and finally managing to work together!), one in Coimbra and another in Porto. This saturday there will be assemblies in Lisbon and Coimbra to (I hope) define the final plans (or almost) for the May12.

As soon as there are definitive information about the different protests I will let you know. For now, I leave here the link for the protest in Santarém: https://www.facebook.com/events/361011567273888/
- Popular Assemblies
Besides of what is related to the Global May, there are regular popular assemblies in Porto (weekly), Coimbra (twice a week) and Lisbon (different groups gathering in different rhythms). In Lisbon there are also several neighbourhood assemblies.
- Protests and Other Actions
In this cities and in other cities, some actions happen but most of them are still small, except some actions that start happen which are related with the National Health System – this saturday there will be protests in several cities against the destruction of the National Health System.
- Occupied spaces
In Porto, there is a school that was abandoned more than 5 years ago. It was occupied last year (on April 10 it was the one-year anniversary) and it achieved amazing things: right now the community of the neighbourhood is participating in the activities of the occupation and also on the organization of everything, and the children play and receive free educational support in the school. This project is called “Es.Col.A. da Fontinha” (Es.Col.A. means Collectively Managed Space, Fontinha is the name of the neighbourhood) and the city hall is threatening to evict the space. It is possible that the eviction takes place already on this night.
This project is mobilizing many people on a national level because there is not really tradition of occupying abandoned places in Portugal. In the end of march there was a “Acampada Es.Col.A” in the place with some dozens of people of several portuguese cities and many more from Porto itself. If the eviction happens it is probable that people take the streets at a national level (I hope so!)
You can check the blog of the project at: http://escoladafontinha.blogspot.pt/
More occupations of abandoned buildings might happen in the near future in other cities, there are people working (or at least thinking) on that.
- Communitarian Gardens
I don’t know how exactly to call to this “spaces”, but let me explain: basically, its pieces of abandoned land occupied by activists and normal people to create places where everyone can cultivate to provide food for the communities. There is one that I know in Lisboa and at least one in Porto. In Coimbra very soon a public abandoned terrain will also be occupied with this goal.
In short, things are developing in a each day greater rhythm, although still not many people are involved. I would say that from several hundred to not much more than one thousand people are participating in these kind of dynamics in Portugal. But we hope that in May the movement will grow a lot and several acampadas will certainly happen with that goal.
Portugal is on for the May 12. Portugal is also struggling for another world!

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Joint mobilizations and European-level coordinated actions

15th of October:
Explicit support for the 15th of October mobilization by the ATTAC Europe network. This will be a day of coordinated action where each national ATTAC group decides what concrete actions they will take for the mobilizations. The following have already decided to mobilize: ATTAC Germany, ATTAC France, ATTAC Belgium (will also organise an action for the arrival of the Indignant March in Brussels), ATTAC Finland, ATTAC Portugal. As well as an action organised by the full European network in Berlin, as was decided in our last meeting in Greece (Tribunal against the Euro-crisis in Berlin with alternative proposals to the current policies). The ATTAC Europe network gives maximum priority to this action, to the actions of the 1st of October, and to the mobilization against the G20 (see below), to be used as milestones in the process of strengthening the joint effort to really work on a European scale in a much closer and coordinated way.
ATTAC is an international organization involved in the alter-globalization movement. ATTAC opposes neo-liberal globalization and develops social, ecological, and democratic alternatives so as to guarantee fundamental rights for all. Specifically, it fights for the regulation of financial markets, the closure of tax havens, the introduction of global taxes to finance global public goods, the cancellation of the debt of developing countries, fair trade, and the implementation of limits to free trade and capital flows.

Movilizaciones conjuntas y actos coordinados a nivel europeo

15 de octubre: Apoyo explícito a la movilización por parte de la Red ATTAC Europa. Se tratará de un día de acción coordinada, en el que cada ATTAC nacional decidirá mediante qué actos concretos se moviliza. Tienen ya decidido movilizarse ATTAC Alemania, ATTAC Francia, ATTAC Bélgica (organizará acto también para recibir a la marcha de los Indignados a Bruselas), ATTAC Finlandia y ATTAC Portugal. Además, tendrá lugar un acto organizado por toda la red europea en Berlín conforme a lo decidido en nuestra última reunión en Grecia (tribunal contra la eurocrisis en Berlín con propuesta de alternativas a las políticas actuales). La Red ATTAC Europa otorga máxima prioridad a este acto, al del 1 de octubre y a la movilización contra el G20 (veáse abajo), que se utilizarán como hitos en el proceso de reforzar el trabajo conjunto para trabajar realmente a escala europea de forma mucho más estrecha y coordinada.

ATTAC es una organización internacional implicada en el movimiento antiglobalización. ATTAC se opone a la globalización neoliberal, y desarrolla alternativas sociales, ecológicas y democráticas para garantizar los derechos fundamentales de todos. Específicamente, lucha por la regulación de los mercados financieros, el cierre de los paraísos fiscales, la introducción de tasas globales a las transacciones financieras, los servicios públicos, la cancelación de la deuda de los países en desarrollo, el comercio justo, y la implementación de límites al comercio justo y la circulación de capitales.

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