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#12mGlobal Indignados take back square on movement’s anniversary Madrid

Fuente: http://roarmag.org/2012/05/indignados-12-m-puerta-del-sol-madrid/


By Jerome Roos On May 13, 2012

Post image for Indignados take back square on movement’s anniversaryHundreds of thousands flock into Puerta del Sol as part of a global day of action to commemorate the first anniversary of the 15-M movement.Why would we need political parties if we can have a political party? That’s the question that rang through my head as I roamed around Puerta del Sol last night, climbing on top of the metro station to see a crowd of hundreds of thousands amassed in the square. In one corner, people were actively debating alternatives to capitalism and representative democracy — in another, hundreds were dancing wildly to the revolutionizing beats of a professional drum circle.At midnight, the square was still crammed with people. Earlier, tens of thousands had marched to Sol from four different corners in the city. Walking along with the Southern march, we witnessed the incredible sight of more people joining us in every single neighborhood we passed through. In a sign that the 15-M movement has effectively decentralized itself, neighborhood assemblies amassed locally and then joined the larger marches to Sol.

The principle reason the indignados took back to the square last night is that this week marks the first anniversary of the movement. On May 15 last year, several dozens of activists followed in the footsteps of the Tahrir revolutionaries and pitched the first tents on Puerta del Sol, marking the birth of a non-violent popular protest movement that would quickly spread throughout Spain, to Greece and then on to Wall Street and beyond.

As part of this anniversary, the assemblies of the 15-M movement called for another global day of action, like the one on October 15 last year. The call was answered by hundreds of thousands of people in 60 Spanish cities and at least 50 countries throughout the world. In Tel Aviv, tens of thousands took to Rabin Square to fire up their own movement again, while Occupy London protesters were met with a police crackdown on their attempt to set up a new camp.

But there was another, less festive reason the indignados were back in the square this weekend. A year down the line, a right-wing government has come to power and the economic situation has only further aggravated. With investors fearing a Greek-style escalation of the country’s debt troubles, Spain has now become the focal point in Europe’s never-ending crisis. In response, the government pushed through the most radical austerity program on the continent.

Furthermore, the government made a move this week to bail-out the country’s third biggest lender, Bankia, which had long been beset with trouble as more and more homeowners began to default on their mortgages. Spain is plagued with the highest unemployment in the developed world: almost 25 percent for the average population and over 50 percent for the younger generation. Since 2007, over 350.000 families (!!!) have been evicted from their homes.

Yet despite the dark clouds of debt hanging over the country, the atmosphere in Sol last night was exhilarating and festive. When at some point a number of police vans retreated from the square, hundreds started dancing and screaming all around them, screaming “Sol belongs to the people!”. Towards 2am, thousands sat down in the middle of the square for the first general assembly since the demobilization of the camp in June last year. Noone seemed to mind the fact that the authorities had officially “forbidden” the presence of any protesters in the square after 10pm.

But then, towards 5am in the morning, as the crowds began to thin out and hundreds had already passed out on their makeshift cardboard beds, the police suddenly did move in. In a violent crackdown on the completely peaceful temporary autonomous space that had been created, policemen roughly dragged away protesters, arresting at least a dozen and a half, and pinning one girl to a wall for at least 20 minutes.

Yet, as usual, the indignados showed immediate resolve. Today, from 5pm on, thousands flocked back into the square and many thousands more are expected to join them tonight. Until May 15, the movement has organized dozens (if not hundreds) of thematic assemblies and workshops in squares and parks across Madrid, ranging from healthcare and economics to infrastructural questions and future actions. Similar activities are underway across Spain.

All of this is telling us something very important: our movement survived the cold winter months and is gearing up for another season of simultaneous contestation and co-creation. Last night, the people had smiles upon their faces, for the movement once more proved that it remains a force to be reckoned with. One message circulating on Twitter yesterday perfectly captured the mood here in Madrid: “this is not an anniversary — it’s a tradition!”

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#12mGlobal actions in over 50 countries

From: http://occupywallst.org/article/watch-live-12m-global-actions-over-30-countries/ OccupyWallSt or presse Release 

Watch live streaming video from icbcn at livestream.com

#12M #GlobalSpring #feliz12m #GlobalMay #12MGlobal #12mani #12m15m (see live updates for more)

Live Updates (all times Eastern)

  • 5:30am (5/13): New photos added.
  • 2am (5/13): After a quick march by Liberty Square, around 50 Occupiers in NYC have established a #sleepfulprotest in front of City Hall in solidarity with the indignadxs. Also hearing reports that police raided the Occupy San Francisco occupation at 101 Market, 2 arrests, blankets and sleeping bags taken. Also, check out this video of the Yes Men disrupting the TPP gala in Dallas earlier!
  • 12midnight: Police are harassing Occupiers at the Northwest clinic occupation in Chicago; took tables, food, and water. Police in Kuala Lumpur have also raided #OccupyDataran. Protesters vow to stay despite tents being taken.
  • 11pm: Between 3-5am, as most of Europe slept, police throughout Spain raided squares and evicted the indignadxs. Around 8 arrests reported at Puerta del Sol, but protesters remained peaceful and have vowed to return to plazas across the country at 5pm (local time) tomorrow. In Madrid, after police brutally evicted the square and began writing down IDs, the protesters peacefully took to the streets, singing, dancing, and chanting: ¨!No Nos Representan!¨ (They don´t represent us!) You cannot evict an idea. #volvemosalas5 #wecomebackat5
  • 6pm: Minute of silence as tens of thousands mark midnight at Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The silence is broken with chants of “Sí se puede.” and ¨”el pueblo unido jamas sera vincido.¨ #12Mnonosvamos
  • 5:40pm: Final plenary is starting at the Chicago Peoples Summit. Watch here. Solidarity protesters in Portland now gathering at Colonel Sumners Park, SE 20th / Belmon. Police moved in on the Occupy LA Assembly, tried to take a banner, but then left. Police have also left Occupy London to jubilant cheers, stopping before arresting all Occupiers. via @OccupyLondon: The police have left the scene. Section 14 has been lifted. There is still a presence at the Royal Exchange. #12mlondon #OCCUPY #OWS
  • 5:00pm: It is now one hour past the governments deadline and hundreds of thousands are still assembled in squares across Spain. Assemblies in Barcelona, Valencia, and elsewhere have announced plans to hold the square through the night, in violation of the ban on camping in effect. Police are nearby but have so far not attacked. See Madrid from a helicopter. Occupiers in London are also staying put.
  • 4:25pm: 20 people still occupying steps in London, encircled by riot cops. Most of the 40 arrestees taken to Bishops Gate police station. For background, see here. In Addison, Texas, large crowds are gathering to protest around the hotel where delegates for the Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting are staying. The march just surged over the barricades onto hotel property. Now being held back by cop line. (via @OccupyAustin).
  • 4:15pm: Anti-capitalist Assembly and Really, Really Free Market begin in Los Angeles at Pershing Square. Watch on livestreamhere. NYPD harassing peaceful demo including doctors, children, etc at Wyckoff Hospital. More workshops have started at the Chicago Peoples Summit. Reports of at least 10 arrests in Tel Aviv as police attack march; protesters are now blocking intersections.
  • 4:00pm: - Crowds continue to swell as night falls across Europe. 10pm protest curfew passes, indignad@s stand their ground. via @acampadasol: ¨Son más de las 22h, ya estamos desobedeciendo oficialmente.¨ (It is after 10pm, we are officially disobedient.)
  • 3:45pm: - Barcelona police confirm crowd of 245,000. Assembly reading Manifestos. 25-50,000 in Valencia. Madrid still too large to count.
  • 3pm: In NYC, march to save Wyckoff Hospital from austerity leaving now. Watch on livestream here. Assembly beginning in Barcelona. Police still trying to clear Occupy London.
  • 2:50pm: Protests planned in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and at least ten other cities in Brazil. For more, follow@OccupyBrazil or @OcupaSalvador.
  • 2:30pm: 12-3 arrests at Occupy London; 19 people sitting at the Royal Exchange refusing to move. via @OccupyLondon: Report from the scene: “We’ve formed a chain. Police are punching people.” We have observers there, could do with more.
  • 2:15pm: Organizers estimate Barcelona crowds at 250,000+ and growing. 75,000 reporterd in Zaragoza. Outside Spain, thousands also gathered in Moscow, London, Brussels, Rome, Athens, and in hundreds of other cities.
  • 2:10pm: Protests underway in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and at least six other cities in Israel. Estimates put numbers around 30,000. Follow @J14enh for English or @J14ar for Arabic. Meanwhile, Bahraini demonstrators are being attacked and tear-gased by riot police.
  • 2pm: Arrests happening in London!
  • 1:30pm: London occupation of Bank of England declared illegal; currently holding an assembly to decide next steps.
  • 1:20pm: Crowds at Puerta del Sol in Madrid (and in 80 cities and towns across Spain alone) are huge and growing by the minute. In Madrid, four marches from north, south, east, and west are marching through neighborhoods on their way to Sol. Police are being aggressive toward Occupiers at Bank of England in London, where protesters are dancing in the street. Protests are also starting in the next few hours throughout the Americas. The indignad@s in Bogotá, Columbia will gather at Parque Nacional at 5pm NY time. Follow @indignateco.
  • 1:15pm: A mobile command unit has been spotted near the the Occupied Farm in Albany, California which has been threatened over the past several days by police and the university who own the land and want to sell it to developers. All those in the Bay Area, CA are encouraged to support the occupation! Follow @OccupyFarm. Later today, Occupy Oakland will also be peacefully protesting Oakland Police Department´s brutality after the murder of another community member.
  • 12:20pm: Madrid police asking people in square for identification.
  • 12:05pm: Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona beginning to fill up. Other marches starting in Edinburgh, Copenhagen, and more. Bank of England still occupied, riot police nearby.
  • 11:50am: Opening plenary at Chicago Peoples Summit beginning. Tents are continuing to pop up in Valencia (@15MayoValencia), Sevilla (@DRY_Sevilla), and across Spain. For events across Spain, follow @democraciarealTotal number of countries with events raised to over 50.
  • 11:30am: Tents are down on the steps of the Royal Exchange by the Bank of England! Join them if you are in London. #12MLondon
  • 11am: Riot police spotted nearby Occupy London march. Large police presence also surrounding plazas across Spain, including Sol in Madrid where groups of protesters are gathering with music and other festivities. Most major marches will not arrive at Sol for several more hours.
  • 10:50am: Kuala Lumpur Peoples Assembly underway at #OccupyDataran. In Chicago, the Peoples Assembly with dozens of workshops and events is also getting started. If you are in Chicago, join them there or join the Mental Health Movement occupying Northwest Clinic at 2354 N. Milwaukee!
  • 10:40am: After protesting at accounting firms tha help corporations & wealthy individuals avoid tax and indulge in creative accounting, Occupy London march is surrounded by aggressive police in kettling positions, but say they will not kettle. Police vans now tailing the march. Follow live on Storify.
  • 9:40am: Occupy London is marching down Ludgate Hill to Goldman Sachs. Demonstrators also now gathering in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany. Follow @Indignadosffm and @OccupyFrankfurt. Also, here is what we are doing in NYC today!
  • 8:45am: Speakers address large crowd at St Paul’s Cathedral in London: ¨JP Morgan lost 2 billion dollars due to one mans mistake. Why have we built a system where this is possible?¨ #15MLondon
  • 8:10am: Protesters continue to gather at Sol in Madrid and Catalunya Square in Barcelona, as well as in Zaragoza, Lisbon, London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels (#12mbxl), Marseille, and elsewhere across Europe. For updates in Paris, follow@AcampadaParis and @OccupyParis, and #15Mfr for France.
  • 7:45am: Now on livestream: Brussels, Belgium (@indignezvousbe@OccupyBrussels) and Sttutgart, Germany. Events are also underway today at #OccupyDataran in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and #OkkupyAbai in Moscow, Russia.
  • 6:30am: Protesters begin gathering in Barcelona. Follow AcampadaBCN_int@AcampadaBCN@OccupyBarcelona, and #12mBCN. Occupy Amsterdam is also now on livestream. Follow @OccupyAmsterdam@OccupyNederland, #12MNL.
  • 6am: Occupy London will be meeting at St Paul’s Cathedral at 1pm local time (8am in New York). Follow @OccupyMay and@OccupyLondon for updates. Now on livestream: Indignad@s in Zaragoza, Spain peacefully occupying intersections.
  • 5:20am: Actions in Hamburg, Germany and Madrid, Spain on livestream now. In Madrid, protesters chant ¨Queremos vivir no sobrevivir, queremos luchar no mendiga¨ (We want to live, not survive – We want to fight, not beg) and ¨Podeis robarnos todo el dinero pero la dignidad no se compra¨ (They can steal our money, but our dignity is not for sale). For live information on events in Madrid, follow @DRYmadrid and @acampadasol. For Germany, follow @OccupyGermany.Fotos: https://www.facebook.com/SpanishRevolution/photos


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