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#12mGlobal actions in over 50 countries

From: http://occupywallst.org/article/watch-live-12m-global-actions-over-30-countries/ OccupyWallSt or presse Release 

Watch live streaming video from icbcn at livestream.com

#12M #GlobalSpring #feliz12m #GlobalMay #12MGlobal #12mani #12m15m (see live updates for more)

Live Updates (all times Eastern)

  • 5:30am (5/13): New photos added.
  • 2am (5/13): After a quick march by Liberty Square, around 50 Occupiers in NYC have established a #sleepfulprotest in front of City Hall in solidarity with the indignadxs. Also hearing reports that police raided the Occupy San Francisco occupation at 101 Market, 2 arrests, blankets and sleeping bags taken. Also, check out this video of the Yes Men disrupting the TPP gala in Dallas earlier!
  • 12midnight: Police are harassing Occupiers at the Northwest clinic occupation in Chicago; took tables, food, and water. Police in Kuala Lumpur have also raided #OccupyDataran. Protesters vow to stay despite tents being taken.
  • 11pm: Between 3-5am, as most of Europe slept, police throughout Spain raided squares and evicted the indignadxs. Around 8 arrests reported at Puerta del Sol, but protesters remained peaceful and have vowed to return to plazas across the country at 5pm (local time) tomorrow. In Madrid, after police brutally evicted the square and began writing down IDs, the protesters peacefully took to the streets, singing, dancing, and chanting: ¨!No Nos Representan!¨ (They don´t represent us!) You cannot evict an idea. #volvemosalas5 #wecomebackat5
  • 6pm: Minute of silence as tens of thousands mark midnight at Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The silence is broken with chants of “Sí se puede.” and ¨”el pueblo unido jamas sera vincido.¨ #12Mnonosvamos
  • 5:40pm: Final plenary is starting at the Chicago Peoples Summit. Watch here. Solidarity protesters in Portland now gathering at Colonel Sumners Park, SE 20th / Belmon. Police moved in on the Occupy LA Assembly, tried to take a banner, but then left. Police have also left Occupy London to jubilant cheers, stopping before arresting all Occupiers. via @OccupyLondon: The police have left the scene. Section 14 has been lifted. There is still a presence at the Royal Exchange. #12mlondon #OCCUPY #OWS
  • 5:00pm: It is now one hour past the governments deadline and hundreds of thousands are still assembled in squares across Spain. Assemblies in Barcelona, Valencia, and elsewhere have announced plans to hold the square through the night, in violation of the ban on camping in effect. Police are nearby but have so far not attacked. See Madrid from a helicopter. Occupiers in London are also staying put.
  • 4:25pm: 20 people still occupying steps in London, encircled by riot cops. Most of the 40 arrestees taken to Bishops Gate police station. For background, see here. In Addison, Texas, large crowds are gathering to protest around the hotel where delegates for the Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting are staying. The march just surged over the barricades onto hotel property. Now being held back by cop line. (via @OccupyAustin).
  • 4:15pm: Anti-capitalist Assembly and Really, Really Free Market begin in Los Angeles at Pershing Square. Watch on livestreamhere. NYPD harassing peaceful demo including doctors, children, etc at Wyckoff Hospital. More workshops have started at the Chicago Peoples Summit. Reports of at least 10 arrests in Tel Aviv as police attack march; protesters are now blocking intersections.
  • 4:00pm: - Crowds continue to swell as night falls across Europe. 10pm protest curfew passes, indignad@s stand their ground. via @acampadasol: ¨Son más de las 22h, ya estamos desobedeciendo oficialmente.¨ (It is after 10pm, we are officially disobedient.)
  • 3:45pm: - Barcelona police confirm crowd of 245,000. Assembly reading Manifestos. 25-50,000 in Valencia. Madrid still too large to count.
  • 3pm: In NYC, march to save Wyckoff Hospital from austerity leaving now. Watch on livestream here. Assembly beginning in Barcelona. Police still trying to clear Occupy London.
  • 2:50pm: Protests planned in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and at least ten other cities in Brazil. For more, follow@OccupyBrazil or @OcupaSalvador.
  • 2:30pm: 12-3 arrests at Occupy London; 19 people sitting at the Royal Exchange refusing to move. via @OccupyLondon: Report from the scene: “We’ve formed a chain. Police are punching people.” We have observers there, could do with more.
  • 2:15pm: Organizers estimate Barcelona crowds at 250,000+ and growing. 75,000 reporterd in Zaragoza. Outside Spain, thousands also gathered in Moscow, London, Brussels, Rome, Athens, and in hundreds of other cities.
  • 2:10pm: Protests underway in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and at least six other cities in Israel. Estimates put numbers around 30,000. Follow @J14enh for English or @J14ar for Arabic. Meanwhile, Bahraini demonstrators are being attacked and tear-gased by riot police.
  • 2pm: Arrests happening in London!
  • 1:30pm: London occupation of Bank of England declared illegal; currently holding an assembly to decide next steps.
  • 1:20pm: Crowds at Puerta del Sol in Madrid (and in 80 cities and towns across Spain alone) are huge and growing by the minute. In Madrid, four marches from north, south, east, and west are marching through neighborhoods on their way to Sol. Police are being aggressive toward Occupiers at Bank of England in London, where protesters are dancing in the street. Protests are also starting in the next few hours throughout the Americas. The indignad@s in Bogotá, Columbia will gather at Parque Nacional at 5pm NY time. Follow @indignateco.
  • 1:15pm: A mobile command unit has been spotted near the the Occupied Farm in Albany, California which has been threatened over the past several days by police and the university who own the land and want to sell it to developers. All those in the Bay Area, CA are encouraged to support the occupation! Follow @OccupyFarm. Later today, Occupy Oakland will also be peacefully protesting Oakland Police Department´s brutality after the murder of another community member.
  • 12:20pm: Madrid police asking people in square for identification.
  • 12:05pm: Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona beginning to fill up. Other marches starting in Edinburgh, Copenhagen, and more. Bank of England still occupied, riot police nearby.
  • 11:50am: Opening plenary at Chicago Peoples Summit beginning. Tents are continuing to pop up in Valencia (@15MayoValencia), Sevilla (@DRY_Sevilla), and across Spain. For events across Spain, follow @democraciarealTotal number of countries with events raised to over 50.
  • 11:30am: Tents are down on the steps of the Royal Exchange by the Bank of England! Join them if you are in London. #12MLondon
  • 11am: Riot police spotted nearby Occupy London march. Large police presence also surrounding plazas across Spain, including Sol in Madrid where groups of protesters are gathering with music and other festivities. Most major marches will not arrive at Sol for several more hours.
  • 10:50am: Kuala Lumpur Peoples Assembly underway at #OccupyDataran. In Chicago, the Peoples Assembly with dozens of workshops and events is also getting started. If you are in Chicago, join them there or join the Mental Health Movement occupying Northwest Clinic at 2354 N. Milwaukee!
  • 10:40am: After protesting at accounting firms tha help corporations & wealthy individuals avoid tax and indulge in creative accounting, Occupy London march is surrounded by aggressive police in kettling positions, but say they will not kettle. Police vans now tailing the march. Follow live on Storify.
  • 9:40am: Occupy London is marching down Ludgate Hill to Goldman Sachs. Demonstrators also now gathering in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany. Follow @Indignadosffm and @OccupyFrankfurt. Also, here is what we are doing in NYC today!
  • 8:45am: Speakers address large crowd at St Paul’s Cathedral in London: ¨JP Morgan lost 2 billion dollars due to one mans mistake. Why have we built a system where this is possible?¨ #15MLondon
  • 8:10am: Protesters continue to gather at Sol in Madrid and Catalunya Square in Barcelona, as well as in Zaragoza, Lisbon, London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels (#12mbxl), Marseille, and elsewhere across Europe. For updates in Paris, follow@AcampadaParis and @OccupyParis, and #15Mfr for France.
  • 7:45am: Now on livestream: Brussels, Belgium (@indignezvousbe@OccupyBrussels) and Sttutgart, Germany. Events are also underway today at #OccupyDataran in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and #OkkupyAbai in Moscow, Russia.
  • 6:30am: Protesters begin gathering in Barcelona. Follow AcampadaBCN_int@AcampadaBCN@OccupyBarcelona, and #12mBCN. Occupy Amsterdam is also now on livestream. Follow @OccupyAmsterdam@OccupyNederland, #12MNL.
  • 6am: Occupy London will be meeting at St Paul’s Cathedral at 1pm local time (8am in New York). Follow @OccupyMay and@OccupyLondon for updates. Now on livestream: Indignad@s in Zaragoza, Spain peacefully occupying intersections.
  • 5:20am: Actions in Hamburg, Germany and Madrid, Spain on livestream now. In Madrid, protesters chant ¨Queremos vivir no sobrevivir, queremos luchar no mendiga¨ (We want to live, not survive – We want to fight, not beg) and ¨Podeis robarnos todo el dinero pero la dignidad no se compra¨ (They can steal our money, but our dignity is not for sale). For live information on events in Madrid, follow @DRYmadrid and @acampadasol. For Germany, follow @OccupyGermany.Fotos: https://www.facebook.com/SpanishRevolution/photos


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Summary of the meeting on 02/11/2012 for #12M and #15M EN/ES

Próxima reunion : on mumble 18/02/12
Sabado a las 20:00 (GMT+1)
Server: occupytalk.org Room: Round Table
11:00 (UTC-8) West Coast of USA
12:00 (UTC-7 MST, Arizona…)
13:00 (UTC-6 Chicago,Texas)
14:00 (UTC-5 New York/DC)
16:00 (UTC-6 East Coast of Brazil)
19:00 (UTC+0 Canarias and UK)
20:00 (UTC+1 Europe)
23:00 (UTC+3 Western Africa)

español más abajo

Summary of the meeting on 02/11/2012 for 12M and 15M

0) Introduction of the facilitation team
1) When and where will next meetings take place (server rotation or in the same room)
2) Updating of the working groups
3) Proposals agreed upon by the working groups on February 4th
4) Current working groups:
- Actions in May
- Global Call
- Methodology of international meetings, horizontaly
5) Organization for the next meetings


Point 1: Proposal of rotation of the servers for the meetings

The initial arguement in favor of always using the same server is that it simplifies the access to meetings and is more simple.

The arguements in favor of rotating the servers is that it is more secure and more transparent. Furthermore, the rotational system allows more people access to the meetings in a more impromptu manner; introducing distinct servers can also increase international coordination.

It is specified that if there is to be a rotation of servers, it’s very important to make a good calendarization and define it well so that everyone knows where the meetings will take place.
A proposition is offered to facilitate the access in case of rotation: connecting always to a common DNS – which entails the purchase of a domain.
It is suggested to create a technical group to realize this.

It has been agreed that next week’s meeting will take place in the same room as it had been previously agreed on January 11th and 18th. For the other week, and with the advice of the technical team, the rotation of the servers will be as follows:
Occupytalk –> mumble.democraciarealya –> tomalaplaza –> cryptious
As new servers are opened (like the Russian one) they will be included on the list.

Point 2: Briefing from the work groups

There were not defined groups until now, so there are no updates from the groups in this meeting.

Point 3 : Work Groups

The groups proposed previously are :

  • Actions in May
  • Global call
  • Methodology of international meetings

The realization of few work groups are determined, incase of heavy work load forces will be divided, it is better to have few work groups with many people then many work groups and few people.

Given that there are many ideas,  a group for discussing the viability of new groups is determined. It is agreed the creation of a working group for communication issues. Together with the faciliation  group and the technical group proposed in the first issue (?)*** there are a total 7 groups that are distributed among the different rooms

The distribution of rooms stays the in this form:

ACCIONS —> Actions and alternatives
GLOBAL CALL —> 12M-15M Global
METHODOLOGY —> Brainstorming
COMUNICATION —> comunication Audio
Other groups —> round table
DYNAMISATION —-> happy room

With this the meeting is finalized.

To consult the complete assembley, click on this link:

Next meeting : on mumble 18/02/12
On Saturday’s at 20:00 (GMT+1)
Server: occupytalk.org Room: Round Table
11:00 (UTC-8) West Coast of USA
12:00 (UTC-7 MST, Arizona…)
13:00 (UTC-6 Chicago,Texas)
14:00 (UTC-5 New York/DC)
16:00 (UTC-6 East Coast of Brazil)
19:00 (UTC+0 Canarias and UK)
20:00 (UTC+1 Europe)
23:00 (UTC+3 Western Africa)




Resumen de la reunión del 11/02/2012 para el 12M y 15M

0) Presentacion del equipo de dinamizacion.
1) Cuándo y donde serán las proximas reuniones (rotacion de server o misma sala).
2) Actualización de los grupos de trabajo.
3) Propuestas de grupos de trabajo consensuadas el 4 de febrero.
4) Grupos de trabajo actuales:

  • Acciones en mayo.
  • Global  call.
  • Metodología de las reuniones internacionales, horizontalitad.

5) Organizacion de los próximos encuentros


Punto 1: Propuesta de rotación de los servers de las reuniones

El argumento principal a favor de utilizar siempre el mismo server, es que se simplifica el acceso a la reunión ya que el acceso es mas sencillo.

Los argumentos a favor de rotar los sevidores es que es más seguro y más transparente. Además, la rotacion facilita que mas gente acceda a las reuniones de forma espontánea y al dar a conocer los distintos servidores puede aumentar la coordinación internacional.

Se especifica que si se hace rotacion de servers, es muy importante hacer una buena calendarizacion y difundirla bien para que todo el mundo sepa donde seran las reuniones
Se ofrece una propuesta para facilitar el acceso en caso de rotacion: conectarse siempre a un DNS común, que requiere la compra de un dominio.
Se propone la creación de un grupo técnico para realizar esa tarea.

Se consensua que la semana siguiente la reunión volvera a ser en la misma sala ya que se habia consensuado que 11 y 18 se harian en esta sala. Para la otra semana, y con los consejos del equipo tecnico, se empezaria la rotación de servidores que funcinará de la siguiente forma:
Occupytalk –> mumble.democraciarealya –> tomalaplaza
A medida que se vayan abriendo nuevos servers (como el de russia que se esta abriendo) se iran incluyendo en la lista.

It has been agreed that next week’s meeting will take place in the same room as it had been previously agreed on January 11th and 18th. For the other week, and with the advice of the technical team, the rotation of the servers will be as follows:
Occupytalk –> mumble.democraciarealya –> tomalaplaza
As new servers are opened (like the Russian one) they will be included on the list.

Punto 2: Actualizaciones de grupos de trabajo

There were not defined groups until now, so there are no updates from the groups in this meeting.
los grupos no estaban definidos, asi que de momento no hay actualizaciones de grupos de trabajo

Punto 3: Grupos de Trabajo

Los grupos propuestos previamente son:
The groups proposed previously are :

  • Acciones en mayo.
  • Actions in may
  • Llamada Global

Se determina la realización de pocos grupos de trabajo, ya que en caso de tener muchos dividimos fuerzas, es mejor tener pocos grupos con mucha gente a muchos grupos con poca gente.

Dado que existen muchas ideas, se determina crear un grupo para discutir la viabilidad de nuevos grupos. Se consensua tambien la formacion de un grupo de comunicación.
Añadiendo el grupo de dinamizacion y el grupo técnico propuesto en el primer punto quedan un total de 7 grupos que se ditribuyen en diversas salas para empezar a trabajar.

La distribución de salas queda de la siguiente forma:

ACCIONS —> Actions and alternatives
GLOBAL CALL —> 12M-15M Global
METHODOLOGY —> Brainstorming
COMUNICATION —> comunication Audio
Other groups —> round table
DYNAMISATION —-> happy room

Con esto se da por finalizada la reunión.

Para cosultar el acta completa, entrad en este enlace:



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Greece we are with you! ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΣΑΙ ΜΟΝΗ ΣΟΥ

In solidarity with Greek People, today, we are meeting at 20pm in front of the Greek embassy. 24, Doctor Arce St. (between <M> República Argentina, Cruz del Rayo and Concha Espina).The Greek Parliament has further intensified the austerity measures. A punishment that once again falls on Greek people and benefits the Troika and other speculators.Meanwhile, in the streets, greek people refuse to be subdued and fight fiercely against financial dictatorship that has been imposed. Athens and other cities in Greece have been rioting for the last eight hours. By adopting these austerity measures, poverty will be increased and extended among greek people; and they will be burned by economy for decadesUntil when are we going to stay watching passively. How much more must screws be tighten in this slow torture. Greece we are with you!Today, at 20 pm in front of the Embassy of Greece¡No tenemos miedo!Otras convocatorias
Madrid: Embajada de Grecia en Madrid:
C/ Doctor Arce, 24 (entre los de República Argentina, Cruz del Rayo y Concha Espina)
Evento facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/170216853092437/

Elche: Cayetano Martínez, nº16


Bilbao: Consulado de Grecia. Alameda Recalde, 27

Málaga: Plaza de la Constitución. 20.00h


Valencia: Plaça de l’Ajuntament (plaça 15 de maig). 20.00h


Palma de Mallorca: C/ Bonaire, 4


San Sebastian: 13/02 Portuetxe 45 C, Piso 3, Oficina 2

Santander: 13/02 C/ Calderon de la Barca, 17a


Sevilla: Frente al ayuntamiento. 13/02 20:30h

Valladolid: Plaza de Fuente Dorada. 13/02 20.00h


Vitoria-Gasteiz : 13/02 Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Cádiz: Martes 14/02, Plaza San Juan de Dios 19.00h


Roma: Embajada de Grecia : via Mercadante 36


 Embajada de Grecia Jägerstraße 55


Frankfurt: Generalkonsulat Frankfurt, Zeppelinallee 43


Düsseldorf: Miércoles, 18:30h Plaza Martin Luther


 rassemblement de solidarité avec le peuple grec en lutte à 18h30 à proximité de l’ambassade de Grece et du bureau du FMI à Paris, angle avenue d’Iena et rue auguste Vaquerie (métro Kléber)
Lyon: Consulat de Grèce, 7 Rue Barreme, Lyon 15.00h


En solidaridad con el pueblo griego, mañana lunes nos concentraremos a  las 20h frente a la embajada griega. C/ Doctor Arce, 24 (entre los  <M> de República Argentina, Cruz del Rayo y Concha Espina).
El  Parlamento griego ha recrudecido aún más las medidas de austeridad, que  castigan una vez más a l@s grieg@s en beneficio de la troika y demás  especuladores.

Mientras tanto, en las calles, la ciudadanía se niega a ser sometida  y lucha ferozmente contra la dictadura financiera,que les ha sido impuesta. Ya van ocho horas seguidas de disturbios en Atenas y otras ciudades de Grecia. La aprobación de estas nuevas medidas de austeridad no hará más que incrementar la pobreza del pueblo, y lastrarán la economía durante décadas.
Hasta cuando nos vamos a quedar mirando pasivamente. Cuanto mas deben de apretarnos las clavijas, en esta tortura a cámara lenta.
¡Grecia estamos contigo!
¡No tenemos miedo!
En solidarité avec le peuple grec, nous nous rassemblerons le lundi 13 février, à 20h00, face aux ambassades et consulats grecs en Espagne. 
Le parlement grec a approuvé les nouvelles mesures d’austérité qui feront souffrir une fois de plus la population grecque, au plus grand bénéfice de la ‘troika’ et des spéculateurs.
Dans la rue, les citoyens refusent de se soumettre et luttent contre la dictature financière, pendant plus de 8 heures à Athènes et dans plusieurs villes de Grèce.
Jusqu’à quand allons nous rester à regarder sans rien faire. De combien encore devra être serré cette vis , comme une lente torture.
Grèce nous sommes avec toi!
Demain, nous sommes à 20 h en face de l’ambassade de Grèce.

In solidarietà con il popolo greco, ci troveremo Lunedi mattina alle 20h di fronte all’ambasciata greca. C / Doctor Arce, 24 (tra <M> Argentina, Ray Cross e Concha Espina).
Il Parlamento greco ha approvato ulteriori misure di austerità, che puniscono ancora una volta il popolo greco, in beneficio della ‘troika’ ed altri speculatori.
Nel frattempo, nelle strade, la cittadinanza rifiuta il fatto di essere sottomessa e combatte ferocemente contro la dittatura finanziaria ad essa imposta. Gli scontri ad Atene sono durati otto ore di seguito, anche in altre città della Grecia. L’adozione di queste nuove misure di austerità non farà più che incrementare la povertà del popolo greco, con il conseguente peggioramento della economia per decenni.
Fino a quando stiamo disposti a guardare passivamente. Quanto più sarà ancora necessario stringerci in questa lenta tortura. Grecia siamo vicini a te!
Oggi, alle 20h davanti all’ambasciata della Grecia.
¡No tenemos miedo!.

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