#YoSoy 132 against media manipulation in Mexico #cercotelevisa

Link to the Twitter campaign: http://wp.me/p2C384-t

#YoSoy132* calls for a peaceful demonstration on Friday July 27th as part of agenda in the struggle for the democratization of the media. A symbolic blockade and closure of TV-station facilities will take place at Televisa Chapultepec.

This will be an act to speak against the manipulation of the media and the unfair support Televisa has given to the PRI candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto, in order to impose him as president of Mexico. Furthermore, recent allegations of drug-trafficking money laundry against worldwide bank HSBC has aroused previous accusations that links Enrique Peña Nieto with vote buying and money laundry trough the company Monex (http://is.gd/Kljmap). This investigation has not received the deserved attention by the mainstream media in Mexico.


UPDATE (July, 27th 8:30am): After more than 12 hours of Pacific Blockade thousands are still outside Televisa, showing one more time our sincere hunger for democratic media. All the protest has develop in peace and any problems has been reported.


Under the slogan: “Nobody gets in, everybody can get out”, #YoSoy 132 calls for a Pacific Demonstration, taking into consideration the importance and legitimacy of culture as a form of resistance, protest, and denunciation.






Twitter: @132extranjero














Twitter: @YS132Melbourne







































Fuente: http://ys132internacionaltwitter.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/yosoy-132-against-media-manipulation-in-mexico/

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Casseroles Night in Canada #ggi #loi78 #CasserolesNightInCanada #clangclangclang Wed, May 30

[List of local meet-ups below, if you don't see your city/town listed, pick a place, post it here so we can list it and promote! You have the power!!]

We’re inspired by the Quebec student strike and the popular uprising in Quebec against Law 78 and the Charest government, so …

On Wednesday, May 30, starting at 8pm, people from coast to coast to coast all over Canada are showing solidarity by banging pots and pans everywhere!

This will be the first of many casseroles nights across Canada. Once Quebec student students stop the tuition hike and Law 78, we’re all going to Stop Harper together!


Nous sommes inspiré(e) par la grève étudiante et le mouvement populaire du Québec contre la loi 78 et contre le gouvernement Charest.

Mercredi le 30 mai, à partir de 20h, les gens de partout au Canada montreront leur solidarité en faisant entendre un tintamarre de casseroles, joyeux oui, mais qui symbolisera aussi notre colère et notre exaspération.

Ce sera la première de plusieurs soirées de tintamarre à travers le Canada. Une fois que nous aurons atteint la victoire quant à la hausse des frais de scolarité et que la loi 78 sera abrogée, nous pourrons aussi stopper Harper ensemble!”



Ver Casseroles Night in Canada en un mapa más grande


5 Easy Ways to Help With Casseroles Night in Canada:

1. Invite all your friends on Facebook to this event, and your local one.

2. Text, Phone and Talk to all your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours – tell them about May 30 8pm.

3. Create a local Facebook event for your local meet-up location. Post the details here we’ll try to list them all!

4. Share this inspiring video that’s already gone viral: http://vimeo.com/42848523

5. Make a poster to promote your local May 30 Casserole gathering – use the red square and pots and pans creatively. Put this poster up in your window and all over your neighbourhood.

6. Tweet about May 30 using the hashtag #CasserolesNightInCanada


Moyens faciles pour promulguer les Soirées Casseroles au Canada:

1. Inviter vos ami/es sur facebook

2. Téléphoner/texter vos ami/es, voisin/es, colleagues au sujet du 30 mai

3. Créer un évenement facebook pour votre coin, et afficher les co-ordonnées ici

4. Partager ce vidéoclip inspirant, déjà devenu viral: http://vimeo.com/42848523

5. Dessiner une affiche pour votre évenement locale, et les afficher dans le coin

6. Tweeter le 30 mai: #CasserolesNightInCanada

Local Casseroles Meet-Ups:

- Bridgewater, Nova Scotia:

- Calgary: Calgary’s Red Square, 8 Avenue at 1 Street SW

- Cumberland, BC: Meet at Corre Alice Gallery – casserole is joining with book launch that starts 7pm: http://www.thecumberlander.ca/go1228e/Surrealist_Book_Launch_at_Corre_Alice_Gallery_May_30

- Halifax: Victoria Park, May 30, 8PM https://www.facebook.com/events/356301801101923/

- Hamilton: Gore Park 8pm May 30

- Kamloops, BC: This will start 5pm May 30 http://www.facebook.com/events/398477186871477/

- Kelowna, BC: At the Sails downtown 8pm http://www.facebook.com/events/469083733106977/

- Kingston, ON: Skeleton Park, May 30 8pm

- Kitchener-Waterloo, ON: Kitchener City Hall, May 30, 8PM.https://www.facebook.com/events/285866524843697/

- Lethbridge, Alberta: https://www.facebook.com/events/356254727774887/

- London, ON: “So in London, Ont. we will be doing a cacerolazo tonight (Sunday) and perhaps Tuesday as well. Wednesday Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians is speaking — so perhaps we should we step outside from that event with our pots & pans for 15 minutes.”

- London, ON #2 TUESDAY MAY 29 https://www.facebook.com/events/296714847085116/

- Matane, Gaspésie, QC: http://www.facebook.com/events/394096323963088/

- Moncton, NB: Event info here https://www.facebook.com/events/391338430907267/?notif_t=plan_user_invited

- Montreal + Quebec, see the map at http://goo.gl/maps/R3oF

- Niagara/St Catherines May 30 7:30pm http://www.facebook.com/events/314188628662357/

- Oshawa, ON: 8pm May 30 at King St & Centre St http://www.facebook.com/events/161299047334798/

- Ottawa 8pm May 30 converging on the cannel. Also, a city-wide solidarity rally May 29, on the eve of Casseroles Night in Canada http://www.facebook.com/events/315269238547721/

- Providence Bay, ON: On the boardwalk 8pm May 30

- Regina: Meet up 8pm in front of Safeway on 13th Ave:

- Saskatoon, May 30 Meet at Rotary Park http://www.facebook.com/events/339899092748052/

- Sudbury, May 30 pm Meet in front of Cranky Joe’s http://www.facebook.com/events/276526045778538/

- St John’s, Newfoundland: Harbourside Park, 8PM, May 30https://www.facebook.com/events/340765122662392/

- Tatamagouche, NS 8PM, May 30, Meet in front of Fables bar, 259 Main Sthttps://www.facebook.com/events/370473613013954/

- Toronto: Dufferin Grove Park (875 Dufferin St.) 8pm

- Vancouver: Vancouver Art Gallery (at Hornby) May 30 8pm:http://www.facebook.com/events/389560671090202/

- Victoria: Centennial Square, meet up May 30, 7pm, http://www.facebook.com/events/387070784673188/

- Winnipeg, MB Meet up May 30, 8PM, Manitoba Legislative Building, 450 Broadway, Winnipeg https://www.facebook.com/events/105793619562147/

- Winnipeg 2, THURSDAY May 31 7PM – West Broadway Neighborhood Centre field on Young Street. Just south of Young and Broadway. https://www.facebook.com/events/208570245930346?ref=bookmark

*Send us the info and we’ll list your local meet-up!

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Spanish citizens launch a campaign called @15MpaRato

The process begins pointing at Rodrigo Rato (second vice president of Spanish government and Minister of Economy between 1996 and 2004) and plans uncover the bad management of politicians and bankers responsible for the crisis, proposing to end with the impunity of their acts and behaviour.

May 23, 2012. - Members of various groups participating in the 15M movement (‘spanish indignados’); DRY (Real Democracy Now) with its Citizen Rescue Plan, the PAH (platform of affected by mortgages), the Citizen Debt Audit platform, X.net, #CierraBankia, TomaTuBanco (‘take your bank’), Democracy 4.0, # OpEuribor, Iaioflautas (elder activists), TomaParte and many others, have coordinated this specific initiative.

Through citizen journalism, curated by Minileaks website, volunteer lawyers and groups of experts in financial crime; the project collects anonymous information that any citizen wishes to give to uncover civil, criminal and ethical implications of this “crisis” and prosecute those responsible … starting specifically with Rodrigo Rato.

The people have decided to do what governments will never do.

What is proposed with @15mpaRato campaign? Why Rodrigo Rato?

#15MpaRato considers it essential for Spain to start a process similar to the Icelandic experience, including trials to point out those responsible for this scam called “crisis.”

Rato’s C.V. embodies the paradigm of politicians that jump from one millionaire position to anotherhttp://15mparato.wordpress.com/tag/1000culos/ without and audit of his management.

On May 7th 2012 Rodrigo Rato announced he was leaving his post as president of Bankia, in exchange of a compensation of 2.1€ million, just before the bank sunk and the government gave away 10,000€ million public money as a reward.

Rodrigo Rato leaves the bank where he earned 2.34€ million a year without any audit or report on his work, having turned Bankia into the most relentless institution with those affected with mortgages and the leading entity evicting families from their homes.

Rodrigo Rato left the IMF on June 19th 2007, without completing his term as managing director and with a devastating report on his management, at the time this crisis was brewing. http://15mparato.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/critica-de-fmi-a-rodrigo-rato/

He also held the positions of Second Government Vice President and Minister of Economy between 1996 and 2004, without an investigation on his responsibility in the “Gescartera” scam or his role as one of the architects of the Spanish housing bubble.

The groups involved in the campaign think that Rodrigo Rato is as good a target as any. The campaign starts with him, but it will continue with the rest.

+ Info: http://15mparato.wordpress.com

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Fuente: http://occupycunynews.org/2012/05/21/cuny-students-and-the-free-university-to-stand-in-solidarity-with-quebec-students-tomorrow/

 This Tuesday, May 22, marks the 100th day of the ongoing Quebec student’s unlimited strike, already one of the largest student mobilizations in recent history.

During 100 days of strike, contempt, and resistance, students have mobilized against steep tuition increases, austerity and debt, and the criminalization of the right to education. In order to break the growing strike and destroy the power of the student union, the Quebec Government enacted a special emergency law (Bill 78) this past Friday. Popularly known as “Loi Fuck,” the law is a blunt and draconian tool that outlaws public assembly, imposes harsh fines for strike activity (even tacit support), and effectively makes organizing an arrestable offense.

On Tuesday in New York City, CUNY students will stand in solidarity with Quebec students who will be marching in record numbers, in defense of the right to protest, and for the right to education as we determine it.

As part of these actions, the Free University is hosting a pop-up occupation Tuesday, May 22nd in Washington Square Park at 5PM about the state of the student unlimited strike in Quebec, the criminalization of dissent, and what this means for the student movement at CUNY. All who want to come and teach a class, facilitate a discussion, or host a skill-share as part of the Free University are welcome. Those interested are asked to come to the park with a sign announcing the class and check in at the table on the North side of the fountain at 5PM. All classes will be announced on a board at 6PM.


2PM—Demonstrate, 1 Rockefeller Plaza
Demonstration in solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike
Outside the Quebec Government Offices at 1 Rockefeller Plaza

5PM—Gather, Check-in, Washington Square Park, North Side of Fountain
Gather to paint banners, make ‘book bloc’ shields, and cut red squares for the evening march.
Check-in for those who want to facilitate lectures, workshops, skill-shares, and discussions. Please bring all the materials you may need to make banners and host classes.

6PM—Free University, Washington Square Park, various locations– check board on North Side of Fountain
Teach in/Speak out assembly about the Quebec student strike, the emergency laws, and the criminalization of dissent; followed by self-organized lectures, workshops, skill-shares, and discussions of the Free University.

8PM—Assembly and March, Washington Square Park
General Assembly and March against Repressive anti-protest laws worldwide

Students in Quebec use the symbol of the “red square” to signify being financially “in the red” amid tuition hikes, cuts in social entitlements, and the spectre of spiraling student and consumer debt. We are all ‘in the red’ as long as the 1% imposes upon us austerity, debt, and repression. An increase in the powers of the police and the state anywhere is an attack on us everywhere.

For more information about the Free University, please contact maydayfreeu@gmail.com

Useful websites:

Facebook page for the May 22 national demonstration in Montreal, QC:

The poster (PDF)

The call for solidarity donations (includes an excellent summary of Bill 78):

Stop the Hike!


To better coordinate information between our demonstrations, these hash tags are in use in Quebec and would help student strikers learn of our tweets, etc.

Hashtags to use:
#GGI (Greve generale illimitee/Quebec student strike/movement)
#Loi78 (Bill 78)
#manifencours (Demonstrations in progress, all actions)

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Les manifestations #StopTGV dans 24 villes à travers le #Maroc. #Feb20

Fuente: https://www.facebook.com/mouvement20fevrier


Fuente: Stream http://bambuser.com/channel/Feb20Rabat

#feb20 casa  "arrêtez le projet tgv" #stoptgv  http... on Twitpic

Marrakech | مراكش
باب دكّالة – Bab Doukkala – 18h

بني ملّال | Beni Mellal
ساحة التغيير – Place du changement – 18h

Meknès | مكناس
ساحة الهديم – Place Lehdim – 18h30

Tétouan | تطوان
ساحة التغيير – Place du changement – 17h

Imzouren | إمزورن
ساحة 24 فبراير – Place du 24 février – 18h30

Rabat | الرباط
باب الأحد – Bab ElHed – 17h

Boukidaren | ابوكيدارن
وسط المدينة – Centre ville – 16h

Sidi Kacem | سيدي قاسم
زنقة الرّباط – Rue Rabat – 19h

Khenifra | خنيفرة
ساحة 20 فبراير – Place du 20 février – 18h

Fès | فاس
ساحة الحرية( فلورنس) – Place de la Liberté (Florence) – 18h

Tanger | طنجة
ساحة التغيير، ببني مكادة – Place du changement, Beni makada – 18h

Casa | الدّار البيضاء
وسط المدينة، ساحة وادي المخازن – Centre ville – 18h

الجديدة | Eljadida
ساحة التحرير (أمام المسرح البلدي) – Place Tahrir (devant théâtre municipal) – 18h

Beni Bouayach | بني بوعياش
حاحة الشهيد كمال – Place martyre Kamal – 18h

Azrou | أزرو
قاقفلة، غابة سلوان – Qafila Forêt Selwan – 10h

النظور | Nador
ساحة الشبيبة و الرياضة – Place de la jeunesse et du sport – 17h

أسفي | Safi
Meeting d’accueil des détenus liberés à Kaouki
لقاء استقبال المعتقلين المفرج عنهم بكاوكي.

تيفلت | Tifelt
ساحة 20 فبراير (النّافورة) – Place du 20 février (la fontaine) – 19h

الخميسات | Khesmisset
حي السّلام – Quartier Essalam – 19h30

العرائش | Larache
ساحة الحرية – Place de la Liberté – 18h

توريرت | Taourirt

صفرو | Sefrou

خريبگة | Khouribga

Live stream : http://bambuser.com/channel/Feb20Rabat



TGV STOP!The signatory of this call
- Wish to give practical effect to the findings of various analyzes published since the announcement that Morocco is poised to build a railway line which circulate on a high speed train (TGV).
- Recall that the capital budget forecast of Tangier-Casablanca TGV project exceeds
25 billion dirhams, not to mention predictable operating deficits- Recall also that many rich countries (Spain, Portugal, Argentina, …) have reconsidered their TGV projects, just as our country, ranked second last in the region in terms of human development, also plans to devote enormous resources to a company whose profit is at least questionable – and certainly never discussed.
- Invite to compare what the budget of such a project would achieve (and the list could easily be enriched …):
- 5.000 3.000 schools or high schools in urban areas
- 25,000 schools in rural areas
- 100 engineering colleges and 300 technical training institutes fully equipped
- 25 major university hospitals fully equipped and with a total capacity of 22,000 beds
- 6,000 acres of serviced industrial areas (36,000 industrial units)
- 16,000 community centers, libraries or community centers
- 10,000 media libraries
- 16 000 kilometers of rural roads
- …
- Disrespect are the right of access to information for citizens, including possible environmental impacts.
- Are the few rules of good governance, illustrated by the direct award of important components of the project, …
- Consider finally that the proposed Tangier-Casablanca TGV is the very symbol of Morocco that we do not want. This Morocco, where the most important decisions, those that impact the daily lives of all citizens and future generations, are made without consultation or democratic debate and public.
- Clament loud and clear:
For a better Morocco Morocco is a major policy decisions which would be developed in consultation and made democratically.
The signatory of this call invites all citizens to sign with them, to mobilize for this project, a symbol of Morocco that we do not want, be arrested as soon as possible, and proclaim with us:


TGV STOP!El firmante de la presente convocatoria
- Deseo de poner en práctica los resultados de los análisis de las publicadas desde el anuncio de que Marruecos está a punto de construir una línea de ferrocarril que circulan en un tren de alta velocidad (TGV).
- Hay que recordar que la previsión del presupuesto de capital de Tánger-Casablanca proyecto de tren de alta velocidad supera
25 mil millones de dirhams, por no hablar de los déficits operativos predecibles- Recordemos también que muchos países ricos (España, Portugal, Argentina, …) han reconsiderado sus proyectos del AVE, al igual que nuestro país ocupa el segundo lugar por última vez en la región en términos de desarrollo humano, también tiene previsto dedicar enormes recursos a una empresa cuyo beneficio es al menos cuestionable – y ciertamente nunca se discute.
- Invitar a comparar lo que el presupuesto de este proyecto se lograría (y la lista podría ser fácilmente enriquecido …):
- 5.000 3.000 escuelas y liceos en las zonas urbanas
- 25.000 escuelas en las zonas rurales
- 100 colegios técnicos y 300 institutos de formación técnica totalmente equipada
- 25 hospitales universitarios más importantes totalmente equipada y con una capacidad total de 22.000 camas
- 6.000 hectáreas de zonas industriales con servicios (36.000 unidades industriales)
- 16.000 centros comunitarios, bibliotecas o centros comunitarios
- 10.000 bibliotecas de medios
- 16 000 kilómetros de caminos rurales
- …
- La falta de respeto son el derecho de acceso a la información para los ciudadanos, incluidos los posibles impactos ambientales.
- ¿Son las reglas de buen gobierno, ilustrado por la adjudicación directa de los componentes importantes del proyecto, …
- Tenga en cuenta finalmente que el proyecto de Tánger-Casablanca TGV es el símbolo mismo de Marruecos, que no queremos. Esta Marruecos, donde las decisiones más importantes, los que están hechos que afectan la vida cotidiana de todos los ciudadanos y las generaciones futuras, sin consulta ni debate público y democrático.
- Clament alto y claro:
Para una mejor Marruecos Marruecos es una las principales decisiones políticas que se desarrollan en la consulta y la toman de forma democrática.
El firmante de esta convocatoria se invita a todos los ciudadanos a firmar con ellos a fin de movilizar para este proyecto, un símbolo de Marruecos que no queremos, ser detenido tan pronto como sea posible, y proclamar con nosotros:



Les associations signataires du présent appel
- Souhaitent donner une suite concrète aux conclusions des différentes analyses publiées depuis l’annonce que le Maroc est en passe de se doter d’une ligne de chemin de fer sur lequel circulerait un Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV).
- Rappellent que le budget d’investissement prévisionnel du projet TGV Tanger-Casablanca dépasse les
25 milliards de dirhams, sans compter les déficits prévisibles d’exploitation

– Rappellent aussi que plusieurs pays riches (Espagne, Portugal, Argentine,…) ont reconsidéré leurs projets de TGV, au moment même où notre pays, classé avant dernier de la région en termes de développement humain, envisage de consacrer d’aussi colossales ressources à une entreprise dont le bénéfice est pour le moins discutable – et en tous cas jamais discuté.
- Invitent à comparer ce que le budget d’un tel projet permettrait de réaliser (et la liste pourrait être facilement enrichie…) :
- 5,000 écoles ou 3,000 lycées en zone urbaine
- 25,000 écoles en zone rurale
- 100 grandes écoles d’ingénieurs ou 300 instituts de formation techniques totalement équipés
- 25 grands centres universitaires hospitaliers totalement équipés et d’une capacité globale de 22,000 lits
- 6,000 hectares viabilisés de zones industrielles (36,000 unités industrielles)
- 16 000 centres socioculturels, bibliothèques ou maisons de quartiers
- 10 000 médiathèques
- 16 000 kilomètres de routes rurales
- …
- relèvent l’irrespect du droit d’accès à l’information des citoyens, notamment les éventuels impacts environnementaux.
- relèvent le peu de respect des règles de bonne gouvernance, illustré par l’attribution directe de composantes importantes du projet,…
- Considèrent enfin que le projet de TGV Tanger-Casablanca est le symbole même du Maroc que nous ne souhaitons pas. Ce Maroc, où les décisions les plus importantes, celles qui impactent le quotidien de tous les citoyens et l’avenir des générations futures, sont prises sans concertation ni débat démocratique et public.
- Clament haut et fort :
Car un meilleur Maroc est un Maroc où les grandes décisions stratégiques seraient élaborées dans la concertation et prises de manière démocratique.
Les associations signataires du présent appel invitent toutes les citoyennes et les citoyens à le signer avec elles, à se mobiliser pour que ce projet, symbole du Maroc que nous ne voulons pas, soit arrêté au plus vite, et à proclamer avec nous :

أوقفوا القطار الفائق السرعة
إن الجمعيات الموقعة على هذا النداء:
- رغبة منها في المتابعة العملية لما استخلصته تحاليل مختلفة تم نشرها منذ إعلان المغرب عن إنشائه خط السكة الحديدية الجديد الذي سيستعمله القطار فائق السرعة؛
- تذكر أن ميزانية الاستثمار المتوقعة لمشروع القطار فائق السرعة الدار البيضاء – طنجة تتجاوز
25 مليار درهم
دون احتساب العجز المحتمل أثناء الاستغلال؛
- تذكر أيضا أن عدة دول (مثل إسبانيا، البرتغال، الأرجنتين…) أعادوا النظر في مشاريعها للقطارات الفائقة السرعة، وهي دول غنية بينما بلادنا التي تحتل في منطقتنا المرتبة ما قبل الأخيرة في سلم مؤشر التنمية البشرية تعتزم تخصيص موارد هائلة لمشروع أقل ما يمكن أن يقال عنه هو أن فوائده محط تساؤل – في حين أن هذا المشروع لم يكن في يوم من الأيام موضع مناقشة عمومية؛
- تدعوا إلى مقارنة مع ما يمكن الحصول عليه بميزانية هذا المشروع (واللائحة قابلة للإغناء بسهولة)؛
5000 مدرسة أو 3000 ثانوية بالمناطق الحضرية؛
25 000 مدرسة في المناطق القروية؛
100 معهد عالي للهندسة أو 300 معهد مجهز بشكل كامل للتكوين التقني؛
25 مركز استشفائي مجهز بشكل كامل، و بسعة 22000 سرير؛
6 000 هكتار من المناطق الصناعية(36000 وحدة صناعية)؛
16 000 مركز اجتماعي-ثقافي، كالمكتبات أو دور للشباب؛
10 000 مكتبة متخصصة في التواصل؛
16 000 كم من الطرق الريفية
- تسجل عدم احترام حق المواطنات و المواطنين في الوصول إلى المعلومة، وبالأخص فيما يتعلق بانعكاسات المشروع المحتملة على البيئة؛
- تسجل قلة التقيد بقواعد الحكامة الجيدة، والمتمثلة في التعاقد المباشر دون مبارة فيما يخص مكونات أساسية للمشروع…؛
- تعتبر في الأخير أن مشروع القطار الفائق السرعة طنجة – الدار البيضاء يمثل رمز المغرب الذي لا نريده، مغرب تتخذ فيه القرارات الأساسية والتي لها انعكاس قوي على حياة المواطنات و المواطنين اليومية ، وعلى مستقبل الأجيال القادمة دون استشارة، و لا مناقشة ديمقراطية وعمومية.
فلنرفع صوتنا عاليا لنقول بقوة :
أوقفوا القطار الفائق السرعة ! STOP TGV !
لأن مغربا أفضل، هو مغرب تتخذ فيه القرارات الكبرى والإستراتيجية بعد استشارات واسعة وبشكل ديمقراطي.
تدعوا الجمعيات الموقعة أسفله المواطنات و المواطنين لتوقيع على هذا النداء، و للتعبئة من أجل إيقاف وباستعجال هذا المشروع الذي يمثل رمز المغرب الذي لا نريده، ولرفع صوتهم ليقولوا معنا بقوة :
أوقفوا القطار الفائق السرعة ! STOP TGV !






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Convocatoria cacerolada ante la Comisión Europea – #18M ¡Blockupy Frankfurt!

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/225703617541849/?notif_t=plan_user_invited 

No to the EU Fiscal Pact – No to cutbacks
Against the Financial Coup d’Etat
Demonstration – Cacerolada
Against European institutions that are undemocratic, opaque and beyond society’s control, and which work in the interests of capital.
Against a European Central Bank that exists to promote speculation by the private banking sector, increases in public debt, privatisations, and cutbacks in public services.
Against the Fiscal Pact and the collection of policies and treaties that construct a Europe of capital against the rights of persons, peoples and ecosystems. For a derogation from the Lisbon Treaty that incorporates and institutionalises all these policies.
We are joining with the mobilisations presently taking place against the European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Germany), against the G8 summit in Camp David (United States) and in support of the No campaign in the referendum in Ireland on the “Austerity Treaty”
Friday, 18th May – 1900h Location: European Commission Offices – Irish Embassy   Paseo de la Castellana, 46, Madrid – Metro: Rubén Darío (L5) Called by: EconomiaSol 15M Working Group
The construction of the European Union has been a project of political, economic and financial elites. Therefore the institutions and legislative frameworks that have been created are mere mechanisms for subordinating citizens to… the interests of capital. This has led to the centralisation of political power in undemocratic entities that lie beyond society’s control, such as the European Commission and the European Central Bank, which means a loss of popular sovereignty.
The distancing of centres of power from the citizens has brought about the creation of opaque decision-making mechanisms, the loss of transparency in public affairs, and a rise in corruption and in the powers of influence of business and financial lobbies (it is calculated that there are 15,000 lobbyists in Brusssels).
Figures from the banking sector and large corporations sit at the helm of institutions such as the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, as well as various ministries and public positions of power across 16 EU countries, including Spain. Beyond this, in Italy and Greece, heads of government elected by the people have been replaced by technocrats from the banking sector.
In the opposite direction, there are numerous cases of senior public officials who go on to sit on the executive boards of big banks and transnationals, rendering obvious the close relationships and common interests that exist between political and economic powers.
Within this framework, the European Central Bank exists as an institution in the service of capital. As the sole issuer of money, instead of funding states it lends money to the banking sector at very low interest rates (currently at 1%), money that is then used to patch up the banking sector itself and to speculate on states’ public debt.
This is the speculative game in which ratings agencies, risk premiums and highly profitable financial derivatives for betting on the bankruptcy of entire states come into play. States take on the enormous private debt of banks …and private corporations, who are the beneficiaries and ultimate causes of the crisis. This debt can be considered illegitimate, because its creation has not been for the benefit of citizens, but for private interests.
Debt thereby becomes a mechanism for subordination to economic powers, which through the Euro Pact and the Fiscal Pact (Austerity Treaty) impose cuts and privatisations on basic public services, the deregulation of the labour market, the lowering of salaries, pensions and welfare payments and the prioritisation of the payment of debt over and above any other public expenditure, as implemented with the reform of article 135 of our constitution. All this entails the dismantling of the present and future welfare state; the loss of citizen rights so that they can be put in the service of capital.
We will not continue to allow this crisis to be paid for by working people, the unemployed, the retired, the sick, migrants, and students! Let those who created the crisis pay for it! For a Europe of people and not of capital!
Ireland vote NO for us”
Solidarity action on Ireland’s Referendum on the “Austerity Treaty” 
Ireland stands out as the only country among the 25 signatories to the EU Fiscal Pact that will submit the treaty to a referendum. On the 31st of May, the Irish people will have the opportunity to decide on its future, to say NO to austerity and cuts in social spending, through a rejection of the treaty.
Ireland is currently immersed in an economic recession which it will not be able to exit should the EU Austerity Treaty be applied. This treaty imposes deep cuts and rises in taxes which will especially affect the poorest and most vulnerable. The Fiscal Pact stipulates that Ireland must ensure that its ‘structural deficit’ does not exceed 0.5% of GDP. The Irish government claims that the deficit will reach 3.7% in 2015, which means that cuts in spending on public services will rise by more than 5 billion euro in order to meet the deficit target; a rise in the austerity applied to social spending that had already been planned for the next three years and which has caused a rise in unemployment and emigration.
The second reason for voting NO to the Austerity Treaty is the struggle for a real democracy. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared that the stipulations in the treaty will be ‘valid forever’. Even if one is in favour of the treaty, is it right to allow that this should be valid forever? Is it right to accept that those countries that go above the ceiling set for spending can be reported to the European Court of Justice by any of the other participants in the pact, and can be subjected to fines of up to 0.1% of their GDP? Certain crucial aspects of government policy would be removed even further from public debate and placed in the hands of judges and technocrats who have not been democratically elected.
Across Europe there is a growing movement in support of the vote against the Fiscal Pact in the Irish referendum. We are counting on the Irish people to vote against this treaty in the name of all those people who have been deprived of their voice, who have been denied the opportunity to vote in a referendum in their own countries. We ask the Irish people to vote NO to the Austerity Treaty.
Blockupy Frankfurt!
Resistence against the austerity policies of the Troika and governments – For international solidarity and the democratisation of all spheres of life.
From the 15M movement we join with the protests from the 16th to the 19th of May in Frankfurt against the anti-crisis policies of the European Union, policies that are driving millions of people into unemployment, precarity and misery. We will bring our outrage to one of the epicentres of power: the financial district of Frankfurt, headquarters of the European Central Bank and of many other powerful banks and financial conglomerates.
All across Europe mobilisations and protests are taking place against the massive programmes of cutbcks and privatisations, of wage cuts, increases in the retirement age, the elimination of public sector jobs and rescue packages for the banking sector.
The policies imposed by the EU promote division and xenophobia, they feed confrontation among working people, the unemployed and the precarious in different European countries. With these events we demonstrate our rejection of these policies, sending a signal of solidarity alongside all those people and movements who have been long fighting against the attacks on our rights and our future.
The protest events in Frankfurt are a continuation of the mobilisations of the Global Day of Action of 12M. At the same time in the US, actions will take place against the G8 summit, a summit that out of fear of popular protests has been moved from Chicago to Camp David.
Against global oppression, a global response! No to the Fiscal Pact! For a derogation from article 136 of our Constitution! For a derogation from the Lisbon Treaty!
More information at:


No al Pacto Fiscal de la UE – No a los recortes Contra el Golpe de Estado Financiero DESMONTANDO las MENTIRAS de la UE Concentración- Cacerolada

 Contra unas instituciones europeas no democráticas, opacas y sin control social, que trabajan por los intereses del capital.

Contra un Banco Central Europeo que sirve para alimentar la especulación de la banca privada, el incremento de la deuda pública, las privatizaciones y los recortes en los servicios públicos.

Contra el Pacto fiscal y el conjunto de políticas y tratados que construyen una Europa del capital frente a los derechos de las personas, los pueblos y los ecosistemas. Por la derogación del Tratado de Lisboa que recoge e institucionaliza todas estas políticas.

Nos sumamos a las movilizaciones que estos días tienen lugar contra el Banco Central Europeo en Frankfurt (Alemania), contra la cumbre del G8 en Camp David (EEUU)  y en apoyo a la campaña por el NO en el referéndum de Irlanda sobre el “Tratado de Austeridad”.

Viernes, 18 de mayo – 19.00 h.

Lugar: Sede de la Comisión Europea – Embajada de


Paseo de la Castellana, 46, Madrid – Metro:

Rubén Darío (L5)

Convoca: Grupo de Trabajo EconomíaSol-15M 

La construcción de la Unión Europea ha sido un proyecto de las élites políticas, económicas y financieras. Así, tanto las instituciones como los marcos legislativos creados no son sino mecanismos de sometimiento de la ciudadanía a los intereses del capital. Esto ha llevado a la centralización del poder político en organismos no democráticos que quedan lejos del control social, como la Comisión Europea o el Banco Central Europeo, lo que supone una pérdida de soberanía popular.

El alejamiento de los centros de poder respecto a la ciudadanía ha fomentado la creación de mecanismos de toma de decisiones opacos, la pérdida de transparencia en la gestión pública, el aumento de la corrupción y de la capacidad de influencia de los lobbies empresariales y financieros (se calcula que existen unos 15.000 lobbistas en Bruselas).

La gente de la banca y las grandes corporaciones ocupa las cúpulas de instituciones como el Banco Central Europeo o el Fondo Monetario Internacional, así como diversos ministerios y altos cargos en 16 países de la UE, entre los que se encuentra España. Más allá, en Italia y Grecia se ha sustituido a jefes de gobierno elegidos por el pueblo por tecnócratas procedentes de la banca.

En el otro sentido, son numerosos los casos de altos cargos públicos que pasan a formar parte de los consejos de administración de grandes bancos y transnacionales, lo que hace patente las fuertes relaciones e intereses comunes que existen entre los poderes políticos y los económicos.

En este marco, el Banco Central Europeo se constituye como institución al servicio del capital. Siendo el único organismo que tiene capacidad para emitir moneda, en lugar de financiar a los estados lo que hace es prestar dinero a la banca a tipos de interés muy bajos (en la actualidad al 1%), dinero que se utiliza para tapar los agujeros de la propia banca y para especular con la deuda pública de los estados.

Es en este juego especulativo en el que intervienen las agencias de calificación, las primas de riesgo y los derivados financieros que ofrecen grandes beneficios apostando a la bancarrota de países enteros. Los estados asumen la enorme deuda privada de los bancos y grandes corporaciones, beneficiarios y causantes últimos de la crisis. Una deuda que se puede considerar ilegítima, porque su creación no ha sido en provecho de la ciudadanía, sino de intereses particulares.

La deuda se convierte así en un mecanismo de sometimiento a los poderes económicos, que a través del Pacto del Euro y el Pacto Fiscal (Tratado de Austeridad) imponen el recorte y privatización de servicios públicos básicos, la desregulación del mercado laboral, el descenso de salarios, pensiones y prestaciones sociales y la priorización del pago de la deuda por delante de cualquier otro gasto público implementada con la reforma del artículo 135 de nuestra constitución. Todo esto supone el desmantelamiento del estado social presente y futuro; la pérdida de derechos de la ciudadanía para ponerlos al servicio del capital.

¡No vamos a seguir permitiendo que la crisis la paguen las personas trabajadoras, paradas, jubiladas, enfermas, migrantes y estudiantes! ¡Que la crisis la pague quien la ha creado! ¡Por una Europa de las personas y no de los capitales!

“IRLANDA vota NO por nosotr@s”

Acción solidaria para el Referéndum de Irlanda sobre el “Tratado de Austeridad”

Irlanda se distingue como el único país de los 25 signatarios del Pacto Fiscal de la UE que someterá el tratado a referéndum. El 31 de mayo, el pueblo irlandés tendrá la oportunidad de decidir su futuro, a decir NO a la austeridad y los recortes en gastos sociales, a través de un rechazo del tratado.

Actualmente, Irlanda está inmersa en una recesión económica de la que no podrá salir si se aplica el Tratado de Austeridad de la UE, que impone profundos recortes y subidas de impuestos que afectarán especialmente a las personas más empobrecidas y vulnerables. El Pacto Fiscal estipula que Irlanda debe conseguir que su “déficit estructural” no supere el 0,5% del PIB. El gobierno irlandés anuncia que el déficit alcanzará un 3,7% en 2015, lo que significa que los recortes en los gastos públicos para servicios sociales y la subida de los impuestos aumentarán en más de 5.000 millones de euros para cumplir con el nuevo objetivo de déficit; un incremento de la austeridad en los gastos sociales que ya se había planeado para los próximos tres años y que ha provocado un aumento del desempleo y de la emigración.

La segunda razón para votar NO al Tratado de Austeridad es la lucha por una democracia real. La canciller alemana Ángela Merkel ha declarado que lo estipulado en el tratado tendrá “validez para siempre”. Incluso si uno está a favor del tratado ¿es correcto permitir que sea válido para siempre? ¿O aceptar que aquellos países que superen el techo de gasto podrán ser denunciados al Tribunal de Justicia de la UE por cualquiera de los otros participantes del pacto, y estar sujetos a multas de hasta el 0.1% de su PIB? Algunos aspectos cruciales de la política gubernamental se alejarían, todavía más si cabe, del debate público y se entregarían a manos de unos jueces y unos tecnócratas que no habrían sido elegidos de forma democrática.

En toda Europa crece el movimiento que apoya el voto en contra del Pacto Fiscal en el referéndum de Irlanda. Contamos con el pueblo irlandés para vote en contra de este tratado en nombre de todas aquellas personas a las que se ha privado de su voz, a las que se ha negado la oportunidad de votar en un referéndum en sus propios países. Pedimos a l@s irlandes@s que voten NO al Tratado de Austeridad.

¡Blockupy Frankfurt!

Resistencia contra las políticas de austeridad de la Troika y los gobiernos – Por la solidaridad internacional y la democratización de todos los ámbitos de la vida.

Desde el movimiento 15M nos unimos a las protestas del 16 al 19 de mayo en Frankfurt contra las políticas anti-crisis de la Unión Europea, políticas que están llevando a millones de personas al paro, la precariedad y la miseria. Llevaremos nuestra indignación a uno de los epicentros del poder: el distrito financiero de Frankfurt, sede del Banco Central Europeo y de muchos otros poderosos bancos y conglomerados financieros.

En toda Europa se realizan movilizaciones y protestas contra los masivos programas de recortes y privatizaciones, la bajada de salarios, el incremento de la edad de jubilación, la eliminación de empleos públicos y los paquetes de ayudas a la banca.

Las políticas impuestas por la UE fomentan la división y la xenofobia, alientan el enfrentamiento entre las personas trabajadoras, desempleadas y precarias de los distintos países europeos. Con estas jornadas mostramos nuestra repulsa a estas políticas, lanzando una señal de solidaridad junto con todas las personas y movimientos que ya desde hace mucho tiempo luchan contra los ataques a nuestros derechos y a nuestro futuro.

Las jornadas de protesta de Frankfurt dan continuidad a las movilizaciones del Día de Acción Global del 12M. Al mismo tiempo y en los EEUU tendrán lugar acciones contra la cumbre del G8, cumbre que por miedo a las protestas populares ha sido ya trasladada desde Chicago a Camp David.

¡Ante la opresión global, una respuesta global! ¡No al Pacto Fiscal! ¡Por la derogación del articulo 136 de nuestra Constitución! ¡Por la derogación del Tratado de Lisboa!

Convocatoria para su difusión

Grupo de Trabajo EconomíaSol – 15M


Más información:




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#12MGlobal: The Evolution Of A Movement Here To Stay! London

Fuente: http://izrazdealternmundo.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/m12-the-evolution-of-a-movement-here-to-stay/ 

Today, on the one year anniversary of the indignados movement in Spain, people from around the world representing the global Occupy movement went onto the streets to say ENOUGH to the corrupt capitalist economic system that has lead the world into a global financial crisis, making the lives of the majority of the world’s citizens every day more precarious. I myself, a dual American and Spanish citizen, have witnessed the effects of the crisis in the United States, Spain, Serbia and now the United Kingdom, and was lucky enough to participate in the day’s demonstrations in London where a large crowd with a diverse array of smiles and messages filled the streets with their demands for a more just society.

I arrived in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral at around 12.30 pm, a half an hour before the day’s activities were planned to kick off, and was immediately startled by the disproportionate number of police deployed. Down a small side street behind St. Paul’s where I locked up my bicycle, I spotted at least 5 squad cars. Sure, the crowd was large, but the majority of the day’s participants were peaceful protesters waving flags and signs, yelling slogans in favour of the 99% and dancing to the beat of music in the street. These smiling faces, people of all ages with dogs and babies, could hardly constitute a threat that would justify the financial expenditure necessary to deploy such a highly visible police presence.

I approached a police officer to enquire after the best place to lock up my bike. The officer eyed me up and down, and noticing my polite demeanour calmly asked me where I was heading. “Here”, I stated without flinching, nodding towards the plaza in front of St. Paul’s. “Your staying here?” replied the policeman, his face falling in dismay as he realized he was talking to one of “them”. “Well you’d better lock it up far from here”, he warned me, “because if we have to do anything it might be removed”. I walked away wondering what the officer had meant by “do anything”. The police present were visibly nervous and had obviously been briefed so that if anyone so much as blinked in the wrong direction police force would be deployed.

Despite the initial surprise at the nervous aggression with which the officers paced around the plaza eyeing up everyone from anarchists inAnonymous masks to grandmothers sitting in the sun with a sign calling for “Real Democracy Now”, I realized that it wasn’t the participants that made the police so nervous but the message. As one of the afternoon’s speakers so aptly noted, the police are here to protect the status quo, and what every single person in front of St.Paul`s on the 12th of May 2012 was asking for was Change. Fundamental, real, visible, immediate change so that they can go on living their lives without the constant fear of losing their jobs, their benefits, their homes, and even their lives.

The day’s speakers were diverse and passionate and demonstrated the many faces of the precarity we are all experiencing to greater or lesser degrees. From the disabled woman who ironically addressed the crowd screaming,” I apologize to all of you, because it was me, me and my disabled peers, we caused the financial crisis by claiming benefits”, and who explained how the benefits keeping her safe and alive are about to be cut due to the government’s austerity measures, to the university student who pointed out that no one had planned for a system to be formed in which the mistake of one individual in a corporation could affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of others, everyone had a different story, a new example of how the system is failing us all.

The day kicked off with a member of the New Economics Institute www.neweconomicsinstitute.org who explained how the financial crisis had begun and the effects the economic policies of the 1% are having on the lives of real people in the United Kingdom, Greece, around Europe and around the world. The second speaker, a G.P (general practitioner) from the U.K´s National Health Service (NHS)explained how the financial crisis is leading the government in the United Kingdom to push to privatize the healthcare system and emulate the inhumane and exclusionary health system upheld in the United States. Other speakers included lawyers, university professors, members of the Spanish indignados movement, people calling for the protection of common space and even a representative of theOccupy Leyton Marshes www.saveleytonmarsh.wordpress.com  movement that demonstrated how the current financial crisis and the government greed in light of the pending Olympic Games has lead to corporate land grabs of green spaces at the local level. What all these people had in common was their determination to continue the struggle, to build up a mass movement and to fight for social justice, for equality and security.

What the world witnessed today in London, and in cities and towns around the world, is that these people aren’t a threat requiring police with batons that aim to protect everyone’s god given right to private property. The Occupy movement is made up of people from every walk of life, the employed, the unemployed, students, mothers, fathers and neighbours. The face of the 99% are the mothers who demand safe green public places for their children to grow up in, the people born with disabilities who are unable to work and need financial support in order to live a healthy safe life, the under 25 who doesn’t want to have to choose between going into debt and having a future, the university professor who is watching the economic system of his country crumble and the suicide rates skyrocket, the doctor who doesn’t want to turn someone away for treatment because they couldn’t afford to pay for insurance.

The 99% are all of us, because evolution has created a world in which not all of us are equal, and every one of us is different and unique. Any one of us could end up in a position in which we need to ask for help from the community around us, where we may need a social security net in place in order to make it safely through the night. All of us hope that we will never end up in this sort of position, but if one day some of us do end up in a situation in which we are unable to fend for ourselves, it will be better not to wonder why we didn’t fight earlier for a system that ensures the wellbeing of each and every member of society, no matter who we are or what we need.  In the current system, however, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, study or plan for the future, the future is never certain.

Society exists so that we can work together to take care of each other, so we can ensure the survival of our species and our planet. The global Occupy movement is important, world altering and getting more media attention than any other social movement in decades because it is demanding something tangible that all of us want and need. It is demanding that a security net be put firmly in place because the future is for all of us, and all of our children, no matter who they are or what their situation. We may not be the same, but we all equally deserve a future without fear and without precarity. On May 12th 2012, one year after the Indignados movement sparked a wave of global protest, the Occupy movement has shown the world it is here to stay, that we will continue to struggle, to go into the streets and to demand justice. Why? Because the world is for more than just the 1%, the world is for all of us. We all deserve a fair chance and a life without fear, and we will Occupy until we get it!

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#12mGlobal Indignados take back square on movement’s anniversary Madrid

Fuente: http://roarmag.org/2012/05/indignados-12-m-puerta-del-sol-madrid/


By Jerome Roos On May 13, 2012

Post image for Indignados take back square on movement’s anniversaryHundreds of thousands flock into Puerta del Sol as part of a global day of action to commemorate the first anniversary of the 15-M movement.Why would we need political parties if we can have a political party? That’s the question that rang through my head as I roamed around Puerta del Sol last night, climbing on top of the metro station to see a crowd of hundreds of thousands amassed in the square. In one corner, people were actively debating alternatives to capitalism and representative democracy — in another, hundreds were dancing wildly to the revolutionizing beats of a professional drum circle.At midnight, the square was still crammed with people. Earlier, tens of thousands had marched to Sol from four different corners in the city. Walking along with the Southern march, we witnessed the incredible sight of more people joining us in every single neighborhood we passed through. In a sign that the 15-M movement has effectively decentralized itself, neighborhood assemblies amassed locally and then joined the larger marches to Sol.

The principle reason the indignados took back to the square last night is that this week marks the first anniversary of the movement. On May 15 last year, several dozens of activists followed in the footsteps of the Tahrir revolutionaries and pitched the first tents on Puerta del Sol, marking the birth of a non-violent popular protest movement that would quickly spread throughout Spain, to Greece and then on to Wall Street and beyond.

As part of this anniversary, the assemblies of the 15-M movement called for another global day of action, like the one on October 15 last year. The call was answered by hundreds of thousands of people in 60 Spanish cities and at least 50 countries throughout the world. In Tel Aviv, tens of thousands took to Rabin Square to fire up their own movement again, while Occupy London protesters were met with a police crackdown on their attempt to set up a new camp.

But there was another, less festive reason the indignados were back in the square this weekend. A year down the line, a right-wing government has come to power and the economic situation has only further aggravated. With investors fearing a Greek-style escalation of the country’s debt troubles, Spain has now become the focal point in Europe’s never-ending crisis. In response, the government pushed through the most radical austerity program on the continent.

Furthermore, the government made a move this week to bail-out the country’s third biggest lender, Bankia, which had long been beset with trouble as more and more homeowners began to default on their mortgages. Spain is plagued with the highest unemployment in the developed world: almost 25 percent for the average population and over 50 percent for the younger generation. Since 2007, over 350.000 families (!!!) have been evicted from their homes.

Yet despite the dark clouds of debt hanging over the country, the atmosphere in Sol last night was exhilarating and festive. When at some point a number of police vans retreated from the square, hundreds started dancing and screaming all around them, screaming “Sol belongs to the people!”. Towards 2am, thousands sat down in the middle of the square for the first general assembly since the demobilization of the camp in June last year. Noone seemed to mind the fact that the authorities had officially “forbidden” the presence of any protesters in the square after 10pm.

But then, towards 5am in the morning, as the crowds began to thin out and hundreds had already passed out on their makeshift cardboard beds, the police suddenly did move in. In a violent crackdown on the completely peaceful temporary autonomous space that had been created, policemen roughly dragged away protesters, arresting at least a dozen and a half, and pinning one girl to a wall for at least 20 minutes.

Yet, as usual, the indignados showed immediate resolve. Today, from 5pm on, thousands flocked back into the square and many thousands more are expected to join them tonight. Until May 15, the movement has organized dozens (if not hundreds) of thematic assemblies and workshops in squares and parks across Madrid, ranging from healthcare and economics to infrastructural questions and future actions. Similar activities are underway across Spain.

All of this is telling us something very important: our movement survived the cold winter months and is gearing up for another season of simultaneous contestation and co-creation. Last night, the people had smiles upon their faces, for the movement once more proved that it remains a force to be reckoned with. One message circulating on Twitter yesterday perfectly captured the mood here in Madrid: “this is not an anniversary — it’s a tradition!”

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#12mGlobal actions in over 50 countries

From: http://occupywallst.org/article/watch-live-12m-global-actions-over-30-countries/ OccupyWallSt or presse Release 

Watch live streaming video from icbcn at livestream.com

#12M #GlobalSpring #feliz12m #GlobalMay #12MGlobal #12mani #12m15m (see live updates for more)

Live Updates (all times Eastern)

  • 5:30am (5/13): New photos added.
  • 2am (5/13): After a quick march by Liberty Square, around 50 Occupiers in NYC have established a #sleepfulprotest in front of City Hall in solidarity with the indignadxs. Also hearing reports that police raided the Occupy San Francisco occupation at 101 Market, 2 arrests, blankets and sleeping bags taken. Also, check out this video of the Yes Men disrupting the TPP gala in Dallas earlier!
  • 12midnight: Police are harassing Occupiers at the Northwest clinic occupation in Chicago; took tables, food, and water. Police in Kuala Lumpur have also raided #OccupyDataran. Protesters vow to stay despite tents being taken.
  • 11pm: Between 3-5am, as most of Europe slept, police throughout Spain raided squares and evicted the indignadxs. Around 8 arrests reported at Puerta del Sol, but protesters remained peaceful and have vowed to return to plazas across the country at 5pm (local time) tomorrow. In Madrid, after police brutally evicted the square and began writing down IDs, the protesters peacefully took to the streets, singing, dancing, and chanting: ¨!No Nos Representan!¨ (They don´t represent us!) You cannot evict an idea. #volvemosalas5 #wecomebackat5
  • 6pm: Minute of silence as tens of thousands mark midnight at Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The silence is broken with chants of “Sí se puede.” and ¨”el pueblo unido jamas sera vincido.¨ #12Mnonosvamos
  • 5:40pm: Final plenary is starting at the Chicago Peoples Summit. Watch here. Solidarity protesters in Portland now gathering at Colonel Sumners Park, SE 20th / Belmon. Police moved in on the Occupy LA Assembly, tried to take a banner, but then left. Police have also left Occupy London to jubilant cheers, stopping before arresting all Occupiers. via @OccupyLondon: The police have left the scene. Section 14 has been lifted. There is still a presence at the Royal Exchange. #12mlondon #OCCUPY #OWS
  • 5:00pm: It is now one hour past the governments deadline and hundreds of thousands are still assembled in squares across Spain. Assemblies in Barcelona, Valencia, and elsewhere have announced plans to hold the square through the night, in violation of the ban on camping in effect. Police are nearby but have so far not attacked. See Madrid from a helicopter. Occupiers in London are also staying put.
  • 4:25pm: 20 people still occupying steps in London, encircled by riot cops. Most of the 40 arrestees taken to Bishops Gate police station. For background, see here. In Addison, Texas, large crowds are gathering to protest around the hotel where delegates for the Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting are staying. The march just surged over the barricades onto hotel property. Now being held back by cop line. (via @OccupyAustin).
  • 4:15pm: Anti-capitalist Assembly and Really, Really Free Market begin in Los Angeles at Pershing Square. Watch on livestreamhere. NYPD harassing peaceful demo including doctors, children, etc at Wyckoff Hospital. More workshops have started at the Chicago Peoples Summit. Reports of at least 10 arrests in Tel Aviv as police attack march; protesters are now blocking intersections.
  • 4:00pm: - Crowds continue to swell as night falls across Europe. 10pm protest curfew passes, indignad@s stand their ground. via @acampadasol: ¨Son más de las 22h, ya estamos desobedeciendo oficialmente.¨ (It is after 10pm, we are officially disobedient.)
  • 3:45pm: - Barcelona police confirm crowd of 245,000. Assembly reading Manifestos. 25-50,000 in Valencia. Madrid still too large to count.
  • 3pm: In NYC, march to save Wyckoff Hospital from austerity leaving now. Watch on livestream here. Assembly beginning in Barcelona. Police still trying to clear Occupy London.
  • 2:50pm: Protests planned in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and at least ten other cities in Brazil. For more, follow@OccupyBrazil or @OcupaSalvador.
  • 2:30pm: 12-3 arrests at Occupy London; 19 people sitting at the Royal Exchange refusing to move. via @OccupyLondon: Report from the scene: “We’ve formed a chain. Police are punching people.” We have observers there, could do with more.
  • 2:15pm: Organizers estimate Barcelona crowds at 250,000+ and growing. 75,000 reporterd in Zaragoza. Outside Spain, thousands also gathered in Moscow, London, Brussels, Rome, Athens, and in hundreds of other cities.
  • 2:10pm: Protests underway in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and at least six other cities in Israel. Estimates put numbers around 30,000. Follow @J14enh for English or @J14ar for Arabic. Meanwhile, Bahraini demonstrators are being attacked and tear-gased by riot police.
  • 2pm: Arrests happening in London!
  • 1:30pm: London occupation of Bank of England declared illegal; currently holding an assembly to decide next steps.
  • 1:20pm: Crowds at Puerta del Sol in Madrid (and in 80 cities and towns across Spain alone) are huge and growing by the minute. In Madrid, four marches from north, south, east, and west are marching through neighborhoods on their way to Sol. Police are being aggressive toward Occupiers at Bank of England in London, where protesters are dancing in the street. Protests are also starting in the next few hours throughout the Americas. The indignad@s in Bogotá, Columbia will gather at Parque Nacional at 5pm NY time. Follow @indignateco.
  • 1:15pm: A mobile command unit has been spotted near the the Occupied Farm in Albany, California which has been threatened over the past several days by police and the university who own the land and want to sell it to developers. All those in the Bay Area, CA are encouraged to support the occupation! Follow @OccupyFarm. Later today, Occupy Oakland will also be peacefully protesting Oakland Police Department´s brutality after the murder of another community member.
  • 12:20pm: Madrid police asking people in square for identification.
  • 12:05pm: Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona beginning to fill up. Other marches starting in Edinburgh, Copenhagen, and more. Bank of England still occupied, riot police nearby.
  • 11:50am: Opening plenary at Chicago Peoples Summit beginning. Tents are continuing to pop up in Valencia (@15MayoValencia), Sevilla (@DRY_Sevilla), and across Spain. For events across Spain, follow @democraciarealTotal number of countries with events raised to over 50.
  • 11:30am: Tents are down on the steps of the Royal Exchange by the Bank of England! Join them if you are in London. #12MLondon
  • 11am: Riot police spotted nearby Occupy London march. Large police presence also surrounding plazas across Spain, including Sol in Madrid where groups of protesters are gathering with music and other festivities. Most major marches will not arrive at Sol for several more hours.
  • 10:50am: Kuala Lumpur Peoples Assembly underway at #OccupyDataran. In Chicago, the Peoples Assembly with dozens of workshops and events is also getting started. If you are in Chicago, join them there or join the Mental Health Movement occupying Northwest Clinic at 2354 N. Milwaukee!
  • 10:40am: After protesting at accounting firms tha help corporations & wealthy individuals avoid tax and indulge in creative accounting, Occupy London march is surrounded by aggressive police in kettling positions, but say they will not kettle. Police vans now tailing the march. Follow live on Storify.
  • 9:40am: Occupy London is marching down Ludgate Hill to Goldman Sachs. Demonstrators also now gathering in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany. Follow @Indignadosffm and @OccupyFrankfurt. Also, here is what we are doing in NYC today!
  • 8:45am: Speakers address large crowd at St Paul’s Cathedral in London: ¨JP Morgan lost 2 billion dollars due to one mans mistake. Why have we built a system where this is possible?¨ #15MLondon
  • 8:10am: Protesters continue to gather at Sol in Madrid and Catalunya Square in Barcelona, as well as in Zaragoza, Lisbon, London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels (#12mbxl), Marseille, and elsewhere across Europe. For updates in Paris, follow@AcampadaParis and @OccupyParis, and #15Mfr for France.
  • 7:45am: Now on livestream: Brussels, Belgium (@indignezvousbe@OccupyBrussels) and Sttutgart, Germany. Events are also underway today at #OccupyDataran in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and #OkkupyAbai in Moscow, Russia.
  • 6:30am: Protesters begin gathering in Barcelona. Follow AcampadaBCN_int@AcampadaBCN@OccupyBarcelona, and #12mBCN. Occupy Amsterdam is also now on livestream. Follow @OccupyAmsterdam@OccupyNederland, #12MNL.
  • 6am: Occupy London will be meeting at St Paul’s Cathedral at 1pm local time (8am in New York). Follow @OccupyMay and@OccupyLondon for updates. Now on livestream: Indignad@s in Zaragoza, Spain peacefully occupying intersections.
  • 5:20am: Actions in Hamburg, Germany and Madrid, Spain on livestream now. In Madrid, protesters chant ¨Queremos vivir no sobrevivir, queremos luchar no mendiga¨ (We want to live, not survive – We want to fight, not beg) and ¨Podeis robarnos todo el dinero pero la dignidad no se compra¨ (They can steal our money, but our dignity is not for sale). For live information on events in Madrid, follow @DRYmadrid and @acampadasol. For Germany, follow @OccupyGermany.Fotos: https://www.facebook.com/SpanishRevolution/photos


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Release following the meeting of the Group of Joint – 23 and April 24, 2012 People’s Summit – Rio +20

1. Registration
So far more than 600 activities have been proposed. In order to articulate
them and move towards more convergence, a subcommittee of the Methodology
Working Group was established.

Registrations have been extended until May 5th.
We remind you that the Governments and political parties can not register.
Universities and foundations can do. Registration for the media are
Soon, we will also open registration for stands and cultural activities.

2. Mobilization
Two days of global mobilization are scheduled: June 5th (Earth Day) and
June 20th (Global Day of Action). A Working Group was established to
support these mobilizations, to participate, send or receivemore
information, write to:mobiliza@rio2012.org.br.

3. Dialogues with Civil Society from 16 to 19 June in Rio de Janeiro
The Brazilian government has proposed to the People’s Summit to
participate in the process called “Dialogues with Civil Society” (DDS).
The Coordination Group of the People’s Summit disagrees with this process
and its methodology. From our perspective, the method proposed by the DDS
does not match the dynamics of dialogue we are trying to build. This
proposal of DDS was established from top to bottom, the government chosed
the topics, participants and facilitators, clearly indicating that the
results will be controlled byitself. To participate in this dynamic means
giving carte blanche to “civil society recommendations” on which we would
not have our say. The People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice
is an autonomous space, critical of the Conference Official and big

4. Accommodation during the People’s Summit
As you may know already it is difficult to find housing between the 15th
and 23rd June in Rio de Janeiro. We recommend you book already on the
internet, there is still availability in neighborhoods such as Copacabana
and Ipanema. The People’s Summit will be held in the district called
Flamengo. From Copacabana and Ipanema you can go to Flamengo by Metro or

(Espanol )

Informe sintesis de la reunion del 23 y 24 de abril del Comité de
Articulación de la Cumbre de los Pueblos Rio +20

1. 1. Inscripciones:

Hasta la fechas mas de 600 actividades han sido inscritas. En la
perspectiva de avanzar en la articulación de las actividades registradas
una sub comisión de metodología fue creada para ayudar en la articulación
de actividades.

Las inscripciones fueron prolongadas hasta el 5 de mayo. Entonces las
inscripciones continúan abiertas.

Les recordamos que los gobiernos y los partidos políticos no pueden
inscribirse. Las universidades y fundaciones si pueden hacerlo.

Las inscripciones para la prensa ya están abiertas. En breve se abrirán
las inscripciones para Stands y para actividades culturales.

2. 2. Movilización

2 días de movilizaciones globales están previstos: 5 de junio Día de la
Tierra y 20 de junio Día de Movilización Global. Fue creado un grupo para
ayudar en estas movilizaciones, para participar y/o tener mas
informaciones comunicar con: mobiliza@rio2012.org.br.

3. 3. Diálogos con la Sociedad Civil (DDS) del 16 al19 de junio en
Rio de Janeiro

El gobierno brasileño propuso a la Cumbre de los Pueblos participar de
este proceso llamado “Diálogos con la Sociedad Civil”. El Grupo de
Articulación de la Cumbre de los Pueblos manifiesta su desacuerdo sobre
este proceso y su metodología. De nuestro punto de vista el método
establecido por el DDS no recoge la dinámica de dialogo que hemos
intentado hacer avanzar. La propuestas de los DDS establecida de encima
para abajo, teniendo el gobierno brasileño escogido los temas, las
participantes y los facilitadores, indicando de forma inequívoca que los
diálogos y sus resultados serán controlados por el gobierno. Participar de
esta dinámica significa dar una carta blanca a las“recomendaciones de a
sociedad civil” sobre los cuales no tenemos la mas mínima condición de
disputar los resultados. La Cumbre de los Pueblos en la Rio+20 por
Justicia social y Ambiental es un proceso autónomo, situado en el campo
critico en relación a la agenda de la conferencia oficia y de las

4. 4. Alojamiento durante la Cumbre de los Pueblos.

Como tod@ saben esta difícil encontrar alojamiento entre el 15 y 23de
junio en Rio de Janeiro. Recomendamos intentar reservar a través de
sitiosinternet. Aun hay disponibilidad en barrios como Copacabana e
Ipanema. La Cumbre de los Pueblos será Aterro do Flamengo. Desde
Copacabana e Ipanema se puede llegar al Aterro do Flamengo en Metro y

(Français )

Communiqué suite à la réunion du Groupe d’Articulation – 23 et 24 avril 2012

Sommet des Peuples – Rio+20

1. Inscriptions

Au jour d’aujourd’hui plus de 600 activités ont été proposées. Dans la
perspective d’articuler celles-ci afin d’avancer vers plus de convergence
une sous-commission du Groupe de Travail Méthodologie a été créée. Les
inscriptions ont été prolongées jusqu’au 5 mai.

Nous vous rappelons que les Gouvernements et les Partis politiques ne
peuvent pas s’inscrire. Les Universités et les Fondations peuvent le
faire. Les inscriptions pour les médias sont déjà ouvertes.

D’ici peu nous ouvrirons également les inscriptions pour les stands et les
activités culturelles.

2. Mobilisation

Deux journées mondiales de mobilisation sont prévues : le 5 juin (Jour de
la Terre) et le 20 juin (Journée Mondiale d’Action). Un Groupe de Travail
a été créé pour appuyer ces mobilisations, pour participer, envoyer ou
recevoir plus d’informations, merci d’écrire à: mobiliza@rio2012.org.br.

3. Dialogues avec la Société Civile du 16 au 19 juin à Rio de Janeiro

Le gouvernement brésilien a proposé au Sommet des Peuples de participer au
processus appelé “Dialogues avec la Société Civile” (DDS). Le Groupe
d’Articulation du Sommet des Peuples est en désaccord avec ce processus et
avec sa méthodologie. De notre point de vue, la méthode proposée par les
DDS ne correspond pas à la dynamique de dialogue que nous tâchons de
construire. Cette proposition des DDS a été établie de haut en bas, le
gouvernement ayant choisi les thèmes, les participants et les
facilitateurs, indiquant de façon claire que les résultats seront
controlés par le gouvernement. Participer à cette dynamique signifie
donner carte blanche aux “recommandations de la société civile” sur
lesquelles nous n’aurions pas notre mot à dire. Le Sommet des Peuples pour
la Justice Sociale et Environnementale est un espace autonome,critique de
la Conférence Officielle et des grandes entreprises auxquelles elle est

4. Hébergement durant le Sommet des Peuples
Comme vous le savez peut-être déjà il est difficile de trouver des
logements entre le 15 et le 23 juin à Rio de Janeiro. Nous vous
recommandons de réserver déjà sur internet, il y a encore des
disponibilités dans des quartiers comme Copacabana et Ipanema. Le Sommet
des Peuples aura lieu dans le quartier appelé Flamengo. Depuis Copacabana
et Ipanema il est possible d’aller à Flamengo en Métro ou en Bus.


Informações do Grupo de Articulação da Cúpula dos Povos Rio+20 resultadas
da reunião do 23 e 24 de abril

1. 1. Inscrição::

Até agora mais de 600 atividades foram inscritas através do Site da Cúpula
. Na perspectiva de avançar nas atividades articuladas foi criada uma
subcomissão da metodologia que vai fazer uma proposta de articulação das
atividades inscritas.
As inscrições foram prorrogadas até 5 de maio. Então, as inscrições estão
ainda abertas.
Lembramos que os governos e partidos políticos não podem se registrar.
Universidades e fundações, podem inscrever atividades.
As inscrições para a imprensa já estão abertas. Em breve estarão abertas
as inscrições para Stands e atividades culturais.

2. 2. Mobilização

2 dias de mobilizações globais estão previstos: 05 de junho no Dia da
Terra e 20 de junho o Dia de Mobilização Global. Foi criado um grupo para
ajudar nessas manifestações, para participar e / ou obter mais informações
entrar em contato com: ​​mobiliza@rio2012.org.br

3. 3. Diálogos com a Sociedade Civil (DDS) de 16 a 19 de Junho em Rio
de Janeiro

O governo brasileiro propôs a Cúpula dos Povos participar do processo
chamado “Diálogo com a Sociedade Civil.” (DDS). O Grupo de articulação da
Cúpula dos Povos discorda com este processo e com a sua metodologia.Em
nossa avaliação o método estabelecido pelos DDS não recolhe esta dinâmica
de diálogo que temos tentado fazer avançar. A proposta dos DDS foi
estabelecida de cima para baixo, tendo o governo brasileiro escolhido os
temas, os participantes e os facilitadores, indicando de forma inequívoca
que os diálogos e seus resultados serão controlados pelo governo.
Participar desta dinâmica significa dar uma carta branca a “recomendações
da sociedade civil” sobre as quais não teríamos a mínima condição de
disputa por seus resultados. A Cúpula dos Povos na Rio+20 por Justiça
Social e Ambiental é um espaço autônomo, situado no campo crítico em
relação a agenda da conferência oficial e das corporações.

4. Hospedagem durante a Cúpula dos Povos

Tod@s estão sabendo que esta difícil o hospedagem nos dias 15 e 23 de
Junho no Rio de Janeiro. Recomendamos tentar reservar através de sites de
internet. Ainda tem disponibilidade em bairros como Copacabana e Ipanema.
A Cúpula dos Povos será no Aterro do Flamengo. De Copacabana e Ipanema
Flamengo podem chegar de metrô e ônibus.

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