#Watch25s The Spanish Congress #25s

Schedule, 12h: Welcome 2pm: Lunch. 4pm: Informative talks on the action 5.30pm: Marches to Sol and Cibeles 6pm: Surrounded the Congress
Do you know why the #25s the Spanish Congress will be surrounded by people?
Twitter: HT internacional #Watch25S and #25s

Source: coordinadora25S

Next September 25th we will surround the Spanish Congress to rescue it from a kidnapping that has turn this institution into a powerless one. A kidnapping of popular sovereingty perpetrated by the Troika and the financial markets, and executed under the blind eye or the cooperation of most of the political parties. Parties that have betrayed their election programs, their voters and all the citizens, not fulfilling their promises and contributing to their progressive impoverishment.

We surround the Spanish Congress after more than a year of intense mobilizations through all social networks, having realized that democracy is not possible when those institutions that claim to be its representatives move themselves by interests that are not those of the majority. Because we have nothing at all to discuss with the powers-to-be that have systematically proved to be blind, deaf and mute when confronted with concrete, fair and just equality and social justice demands. We surround it to rescue politics from an unsustainable and leeching economic règime, such as it is Capitalism.

We surround the Spanish Congress because we want to step forward to social mobilization, placing the focus on the recovery of citizen’s sovereignty and power. This is, democracy. We’ve grown many struggle structures, spaces for sharing and discussing both on the Internet and the public squares, at the neighborhoods and workplaces, and we’ve achieved iniciatives that we want to continue developing on a grassroots base, with no false shortcuts and step by step. Because we believe that the time for a few deciding for the rest is long gone; because opposed to those that want to steal our future, we have the means and collective intelligence to decide and build the society we want; because we need no false brokers, but resources and collective tools that actively encourage the political involvement of everybody in the common issues.

We surround the Spanish Congress this 9/25 to tell those who allegedly command us that we’ve had enough, that we’ll not comply with their unjust dictates like paying their debt, and we’ll defend the collective rights: housing education, healthcare, labour, democratic participation, public wealth. To start a process that stripe of their inmunity those who are responsible for this crisis, to judge the gamblers that created this situation instead of rewarding them.

On September, 25, we’ll demonstrate around the Spanish Congress because we want to retake responsibility over our own future and stop accepting more impositions. To tell those who hold Democracy hostage that their time for leaving is now, and to demand the destitution of this Government as a first step, because we are here to liberate Democracy with a new constituent process. An open process of direct participation in which we determine and set in motion the necessary political institutions, participation tools and legal and political resorts that we need to guarantee that collective decisions ate fully effective. A sustained constituent process which collective definition starts, but doesn’t end, on September 25.

To rescue the Congress is to deliver an invitation to other social movements to organize and join, such as public employees fighting for public services in diverse “tides” and other equality and social justice struggles. It means our refusal to accept fear, impotence and disorientation that grow from the reduction of all politics to economics and its deadly consequences such as fascism, xenophoby, racism or sexism. And to look for a collective solution.

We invite everybody who want to join us in surrounding the Spanish Congress next September 25, to cry “enough!” and continue this path to rescue Democracy and sovereignty.
We want rights, democracy, justice and freedom for all the people.
We’ve taken so much, and we’re not afraid.
We’ll meet this 25S… and far beyond!

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Les manifestations #StopTGV dans 24 villes à travers le #Maroc. #Feb20

Fuente: https://www.facebook.com/mouvement20fevrier


Fuente: Stream http://bambuser.com/channel/Feb20Rabat

#feb20 casa  "arrêtez le projet tgv" #stoptgv  http... on Twitpic

Marrakech | مراكش
باب دكّالة – Bab Doukkala – 18h

بني ملّال | Beni Mellal
ساحة التغيير – Place du changement – 18h

Meknès | مكناس
ساحة الهديم – Place Lehdim – 18h30

Tétouan | تطوان
ساحة التغيير – Place du changement – 17h

Imzouren | إمزورن
ساحة 24 فبراير – Place du 24 février – 18h30

Rabat | الرباط
باب الأحد – Bab ElHed – 17h

Boukidaren | ابوكيدارن
وسط المدينة – Centre ville – 16h

Sidi Kacem | سيدي قاسم
زنقة الرّباط – Rue Rabat – 19h

Khenifra | خنيفرة
ساحة 20 فبراير – Place du 20 février – 18h

Fès | فاس
ساحة الحرية( فلورنس) – Place de la Liberté (Florence) – 18h

Tanger | طنجة
ساحة التغيير، ببني مكادة – Place du changement, Beni makada – 18h

Casa | الدّار البيضاء
وسط المدينة، ساحة وادي المخازن – Centre ville – 18h

الجديدة | Eljadida
ساحة التحرير (أمام المسرح البلدي) – Place Tahrir (devant théâtre municipal) – 18h

Beni Bouayach | بني بوعياش
حاحة الشهيد كمال – Place martyre Kamal – 18h

Azrou | أزرو
قاقفلة، غابة سلوان – Qafila Forêt Selwan – 10h

النظور | Nador
ساحة الشبيبة و الرياضة – Place de la jeunesse et du sport – 17h

أسفي | Safi
Meeting d’accueil des détenus liberés à Kaouki
لقاء استقبال المعتقلين المفرج عنهم بكاوكي.

تيفلت | Tifelt
ساحة 20 فبراير (النّافورة) – Place du 20 février (la fontaine) – 19h

الخميسات | Khesmisset
حي السّلام – Quartier Essalam – 19h30

العرائش | Larache
ساحة الحرية – Place de la Liberté – 18h

توريرت | Taourirt

صفرو | Sefrou

خريبگة | Khouribga

Live stream : http://bambuser.com/channel/Feb20Rabat



TGV STOP!The signatory of this call
- Wish to give practical effect to the findings of various analyzes published since the announcement that Morocco is poised to build a railway line which circulate on a high speed train (TGV).
- Recall that the capital budget forecast of Tangier-Casablanca TGV project exceeds
25 billion dirhams, not to mention predictable operating deficits- Recall also that many rich countries (Spain, Portugal, Argentina, …) have reconsidered their TGV projects, just as our country, ranked second last in the region in terms of human development, also plans to devote enormous resources to a company whose profit is at least questionable – and certainly never discussed.
- Invite to compare what the budget of such a project would achieve (and the list could easily be enriched …):
- 5.000 3.000 schools or high schools in urban areas
- 25,000 schools in rural areas
- 100 engineering colleges and 300 technical training institutes fully equipped
- 25 major university hospitals fully equipped and with a total capacity of 22,000 beds
- 6,000 acres of serviced industrial areas (36,000 industrial units)
- 16,000 community centers, libraries or community centers
- 10,000 media libraries
- 16 000 kilometers of rural roads
- …
- Disrespect are the right of access to information for citizens, including possible environmental impacts.
- Are the few rules of good governance, illustrated by the direct award of important components of the project, …
- Consider finally that the proposed Tangier-Casablanca TGV is the very symbol of Morocco that we do not want. This Morocco, where the most important decisions, those that impact the daily lives of all citizens and future generations, are made without consultation or democratic debate and public.
- Clament loud and clear:
For a better Morocco Morocco is a major policy decisions which would be developed in consultation and made democratically.
The signatory of this call invites all citizens to sign with them, to mobilize for this project, a symbol of Morocco that we do not want, be arrested as soon as possible, and proclaim with us:


TGV STOP!El firmante de la presente convocatoria
- Deseo de poner en práctica los resultados de los análisis de las publicadas desde el anuncio de que Marruecos está a punto de construir una línea de ferrocarril que circulan en un tren de alta velocidad (TGV).
- Hay que recordar que la previsión del presupuesto de capital de Tánger-Casablanca proyecto de tren de alta velocidad supera
25 mil millones de dirhams, por no hablar de los déficits operativos predecibles- Recordemos también que muchos países ricos (España, Portugal, Argentina, …) han reconsiderado sus proyectos del AVE, al igual que nuestro país ocupa el segundo lugar por última vez en la región en términos de desarrollo humano, también tiene previsto dedicar enormes recursos a una empresa cuyo beneficio es al menos cuestionable – y ciertamente nunca se discute.
- Invitar a comparar lo que el presupuesto de este proyecto se lograría (y la lista podría ser fácilmente enriquecido …):
- 5.000 3.000 escuelas y liceos en las zonas urbanas
- 25.000 escuelas en las zonas rurales
- 100 colegios técnicos y 300 institutos de formación técnica totalmente equipada
- 25 hospitales universitarios más importantes totalmente equipada y con una capacidad total de 22.000 camas
- 6.000 hectáreas de zonas industriales con servicios (36.000 unidades industriales)
- 16.000 centros comunitarios, bibliotecas o centros comunitarios
- 10.000 bibliotecas de medios
- 16 000 kilómetros de caminos rurales
- …
- La falta de respeto son el derecho de acceso a la información para los ciudadanos, incluidos los posibles impactos ambientales.
- ¿Son las reglas de buen gobierno, ilustrado por la adjudicación directa de los componentes importantes del proyecto, …
- Tenga en cuenta finalmente que el proyecto de Tánger-Casablanca TGV es el símbolo mismo de Marruecos, que no queremos. Esta Marruecos, donde las decisiones más importantes, los que están hechos que afectan la vida cotidiana de todos los ciudadanos y las generaciones futuras, sin consulta ni debate público y democrático.
- Clament alto y claro:
Para una mejor Marruecos Marruecos es una las principales decisiones políticas que se desarrollan en la consulta y la toman de forma democrática.
El firmante de esta convocatoria se invita a todos los ciudadanos a firmar con ellos a fin de movilizar para este proyecto, un símbolo de Marruecos que no queremos, ser detenido tan pronto como sea posible, y proclamar con nosotros:



Les associations signataires du présent appel
- Souhaitent donner une suite concrète aux conclusions des différentes analyses publiées depuis l’annonce que le Maroc est en passe de se doter d’une ligne de chemin de fer sur lequel circulerait un Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV).
- Rappellent que le budget d’investissement prévisionnel du projet TGV Tanger-Casablanca dépasse les
25 milliards de dirhams, sans compter les déficits prévisibles d’exploitation

– Rappellent aussi que plusieurs pays riches (Espagne, Portugal, Argentine,…) ont reconsidéré leurs projets de TGV, au moment même où notre pays, classé avant dernier de la région en termes de développement humain, envisage de consacrer d’aussi colossales ressources à une entreprise dont le bénéfice est pour le moins discutable – et en tous cas jamais discuté.
- Invitent à comparer ce que le budget d’un tel projet permettrait de réaliser (et la liste pourrait être facilement enrichie…) :
- 5,000 écoles ou 3,000 lycées en zone urbaine
- 25,000 écoles en zone rurale
- 100 grandes écoles d’ingénieurs ou 300 instituts de formation techniques totalement équipés
- 25 grands centres universitaires hospitaliers totalement équipés et d’une capacité globale de 22,000 lits
- 6,000 hectares viabilisés de zones industrielles (36,000 unités industrielles)
- 16 000 centres socioculturels, bibliothèques ou maisons de quartiers
- 10 000 médiathèques
- 16 000 kilomètres de routes rurales
- …
- relèvent l’irrespect du droit d’accès à l’information des citoyens, notamment les éventuels impacts environnementaux.
- relèvent le peu de respect des règles de bonne gouvernance, illustré par l’attribution directe de composantes importantes du projet,…
- Considèrent enfin que le projet de TGV Tanger-Casablanca est le symbole même du Maroc que nous ne souhaitons pas. Ce Maroc, où les décisions les plus importantes, celles qui impactent le quotidien de tous les citoyens et l’avenir des générations futures, sont prises sans concertation ni débat démocratique et public.
- Clament haut et fort :
Car un meilleur Maroc est un Maroc où les grandes décisions stratégiques seraient élaborées dans la concertation et prises de manière démocratique.
Les associations signataires du présent appel invitent toutes les citoyennes et les citoyens à le signer avec elles, à se mobiliser pour que ce projet, symbole du Maroc que nous ne voulons pas, soit arrêté au plus vite, et à proclamer avec nous :

أوقفوا القطار الفائق السرعة
إن الجمعيات الموقعة على هذا النداء:
- رغبة منها في المتابعة العملية لما استخلصته تحاليل مختلفة تم نشرها منذ إعلان المغرب عن إنشائه خط السكة الحديدية الجديد الذي سيستعمله القطار فائق السرعة؛
- تذكر أن ميزانية الاستثمار المتوقعة لمشروع القطار فائق السرعة الدار البيضاء – طنجة تتجاوز
25 مليار درهم
دون احتساب العجز المحتمل أثناء الاستغلال؛
- تذكر أيضا أن عدة دول (مثل إسبانيا، البرتغال، الأرجنتين…) أعادوا النظر في مشاريعها للقطارات الفائقة السرعة، وهي دول غنية بينما بلادنا التي تحتل في منطقتنا المرتبة ما قبل الأخيرة في سلم مؤشر التنمية البشرية تعتزم تخصيص موارد هائلة لمشروع أقل ما يمكن أن يقال عنه هو أن فوائده محط تساؤل – في حين أن هذا المشروع لم يكن في يوم من الأيام موضع مناقشة عمومية؛
- تدعوا إلى مقارنة مع ما يمكن الحصول عليه بميزانية هذا المشروع (واللائحة قابلة للإغناء بسهولة)؛
5000 مدرسة أو 3000 ثانوية بالمناطق الحضرية؛
25 000 مدرسة في المناطق القروية؛
100 معهد عالي للهندسة أو 300 معهد مجهز بشكل كامل للتكوين التقني؛
25 مركز استشفائي مجهز بشكل كامل، و بسعة 22000 سرير؛
6 000 هكتار من المناطق الصناعية(36000 وحدة صناعية)؛
16 000 مركز اجتماعي-ثقافي، كالمكتبات أو دور للشباب؛
10 000 مكتبة متخصصة في التواصل؛
16 000 كم من الطرق الريفية
- تسجل عدم احترام حق المواطنات و المواطنين في الوصول إلى المعلومة، وبالأخص فيما يتعلق بانعكاسات المشروع المحتملة على البيئة؛
- تسجل قلة التقيد بقواعد الحكامة الجيدة، والمتمثلة في التعاقد المباشر دون مبارة فيما يخص مكونات أساسية للمشروع…؛
- تعتبر في الأخير أن مشروع القطار الفائق السرعة طنجة – الدار البيضاء يمثل رمز المغرب الذي لا نريده، مغرب تتخذ فيه القرارات الأساسية والتي لها انعكاس قوي على حياة المواطنات و المواطنين اليومية ، وعلى مستقبل الأجيال القادمة دون استشارة، و لا مناقشة ديمقراطية وعمومية.
فلنرفع صوتنا عاليا لنقول بقوة :
أوقفوا القطار الفائق السرعة ! STOP TGV !
لأن مغربا أفضل، هو مغرب تتخذ فيه القرارات الكبرى والإستراتيجية بعد استشارات واسعة وبشكل ديمقراطي.
تدعوا الجمعيات الموقعة أسفله المواطنات و المواطنين لتوقيع على هذا النداء، و للتعبئة من أجل إيقاف وباستعجال هذا المشروع الذي يمثل رمز المغرب الذي لا نريده، ولرفع صوتهم ليقولوا معنا بقوة :
أوقفوا القطار الفائق السرعة ! STOP TGV !






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Rise up on May 12th, 2012 – We are the 99% #12m15m

On the 15th of October 2011 we took to the streets in over 1000 cities in 82 countries. We got organized and took the first steps on the road to dignity and global change. That was more than six months ago yet we continue to have to raise our voices to make politicians and bankers understand that they in no way represent us. We are united in our demands: the welfare of the 99% must be respected.

Governments only represent us if they follow the will of the vast majority, not just the privileged few.We are united, we are everywhere, we are where you least expect us.

We demand, firmly but without violence: social justice, wealth distribution and an ethic of commons. We condemn poverty, inequality, environmental devastation and corruption as tools of subjugation by the powerful on society.

We will not stop until we achieve our objectives: the 99% will take to the streets again and again until we have a say in the world in which we live. We want global change. Let’s turn the streets into the world’s biggest loudspeaker on the 12th of May.

Because we are the 99%, we are not owned by politicians and bankers. Take to the streets on May 12th!

Join us.



Español :: Catalán :: Gallego :: Suomi :: Polski :: Français :: Deutsch :: Türkçe :: Dutch ::Português :: Ελληνικά

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This is a message for all committees of communication of Occupy/Occupii

We are the 99%.

The current distribution of economic resources is such that only the scarce minority escapes from poverty or daily uncertainty. Future generations are condemned to receive a poisoned heritage due to the enrionmental risks undertaken for the very few who profiteer. We demand social justice, we will not stand down in the defense of our rights. Our representatives have the obligation to be guided by our needs; they have to listen to us. Let’s turn the streets into the biggest loudspeaker on earth on May 12th.  Because we are the 99%, because we are not goods controlled by politicians and bankers. Let’s take the streets on May 12th.


As part of the Wgroup of Facilitation of the international meetings for action planning in May 2012 and at the same time as a member of the Action Alternatives and Solutions WG, I would like to share 4 info points:

Our next general meeting related to this subject will be held on Saturday March 17th at 19:00 UTC on the DRY’s mumble  http://mumble.democraciarealya.es/index.php?lang=en
You can access the minutes of the last meeting that took place last night through this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13k_-m4W3aZ3qrDVSZm53jrZxBpSPGcX…
All proposals presented so far by the assemblies have been organized in an schematic way and are available here : http://titanpad.com/proposalfor12and15May
NOTE: This pad will become a cute graveyard of excellent proposals if we neglect our responsibility to study them in our assemblies, that is the job of each one (as I understand it, and sorry if this sounded rough).3) Within this pad there are six or seven simple proposals to carry out in the three ****star days***  of the month of May.
On our last meeting we agreed to spread them, it is understood that it is responsibility of each person to carry out the task. Therefore I am doing my part!
- Return to camp in the squares the 12M or 15M
- Flashmob: standing still (or sitting down)  quietly for about 3 mins. in squares or public places –  in shopping centers, areas of bars, arenas, football stadiums and others but without obstructing the traffic.
-In contrast: Blockades of Public transport means and roads as a measure of pressure, stopping normal traffic
-Alternative to the demonstration 12M Global:  reappropriation of public space
- Actions of civil disobedience: do not pay the meter, not paying at the supermarket,  for water, gas or light, which is compatible with civil disobedience actions in the internet.
- Send mass emails/tweets individually with a single short sentence to a global target
- “MEMORY Action” To produce a documentary or other summaries (pamphlets, posters, collage) Recalling the achievements so far attained by each assembly> region> countryThis list is not an imposition, but only suggestions. They are proposals that came out of assemblies and are now returning to them as queries to satisfy transparency and horizontality.
We hold regular WG meetings (details below) where we can answer questions and receive comments / contributions.
An example of how they are working in Madrid: http://actasmadrid.tomalaplaza.net/?p=3078
The work groups that discuss these proposals are:FACILITATION – mail: dinamization12m15m@gmail.com
Meetings on Wednesdays in the ”happy room” - serve roccupytalk.org http://occupytalk.org/article/how-connect-our-server
COMMUNICATION – mailing list & email:communication12M15M@lists.takethesquare.net
Communication # 12y15M 02/11/2012 minutes http://titanpad.com/4iKhcrJgOP
Meetings on Fridays at 20:30 on the serverocupytalk.org
ACTIONS ALTERNATIVES AND SOLUTIONS email: actaltmay12@gmail.com meetings every Sunday at 19:00 UTC, in Mumble (Server: occupytalk.org + Room: Round Table) Assembly Minutes 02/18/12 : http://piratepad.net/DCgEQgP6lA
facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/216573315106098/
Please bring/blast this information back to your assemblies and come back bringing an answer.
Any doubt especially related to using mumble and servers, direct them to:dinamization12m15m@gmail.com we’ll be glad to help.
Thank you!

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We strongly condemn all violence against civilians for exercising their legitimate right to demonstrate publicly

We strongly condemn all violence against civilians for exercising their legitimate right to demonstrate publicly, by any government anywhere in the world. We realize that many of the protest movements that have been taking place globally in recent months, are being or trying to be manipulated by foreign powers to overthrow governments that oppose their interests. We denounce this manipulation. No government has the right to massacre its people and violate their rights. We sympathize with the victims of repression and show our full support to all those that risk their lives or personal safety in the struggle for a more just and democratic world.
We are the 99%.
There are not enough jails for all of us.
There are not enough bullets for all of us.
We are not afraid!
Desde Democracia real Ya denunciamos contundentemente toda violencia ejercida contra la población civil, durante el ejercicio de su legítimo derecho a manifestarse publicamente, por cualquier gobierno en cualquier parte del Mundo. Somos conscientes de que muchos de los movimientos de protesta, que se están produciendo a nivel global en los últimos meses, están siendo o intentando ser instrumentalizados por potencias extranjeras para derribar gobiernos que se oponen a sus intereses. Denunciamos esta instrumentalización. Ningún gobierno tiene derecho a masacrar a su pueblo y vulnerar sus derechos. Nos solidarizamos con las víctimas de la represión y mostramos nuestro más firme apoyo a todas las personas que ponen en peligro su vida y/o su integridad física en la lucha por un mundo más justo y democrático.
Somos el 99%.
No hay cárceles para tod@s.
No hay balas para tod@s.
¡No tenemos miedo!
من حركه  “نحو ديمقراطيه حقيقيه الان” ندين وبشده كل انواع العنف الممارس بحق  المدنيين , الذين يمارسون حقهم الشرعي في التظاهر على الملأ, وندين العنف المستخدم من اي حكومه كانت في العالم. نحن على يقين من ان الكثير من الحركات الاحتجاجيه التي تنظم على مستوى العالم ,هناك من القوى الاجنبيه من يحاول ان يستفيد منها يستخدمها  في اسقاط حكومات تقف عائقا في وجه اطماع تللك القوى, ندين ايضا هذا التدخل والتسلق, ليس لاي حكومه في العالم اي  حق في ان تبيد شعبها وان تضعف وتقلل من حقوقه وقيمته, نعلن تضامننا مع ضحايا القمع  ونعلن تاييدنا المطلق لاولئك الذين يخاطرون بحياتهم و بسلامتهم  ويجاهدون من اجل ان يصبح العالم اكثر عدلا وديمقراطيه
تذكروا اننا نشكل نسبه 99% من العالم
لن يكون هناك متسع من السجون لاحتوائنا جميعا
لن يكون هناك رصاص كاف لقتلنا جميعا
والاهم من ذلك: لسنا خائفين..!!
Democracia Real Já denunciamos fortemente toda a violência exercida contra a população civil por exercerem o seu direito legítimo de demonstrar publicamente, por qualquer governo em qualquer lugar do mundo. Percebemos que muitos dos movimentos de protesto que estão ocorrendo globalmente nos últimos meses, estão sendo ou tentando ser instrumentados pelas potências estrangeiras para derrubar governos que se opõem a seus interesses. Denunciamos essa instrumentalização. Nenhum governo tem o direito de massacrar ao seu povo e violar seus direitos. Estamos solidários com as vítimas da repressão e mostramos o nosso apoio a todos aqueles que pôem em perigo a sua vida e / ou a sua integridade fisica na luta por um mundo mais democrático e mais justo.
Somos o 99%.
Não há prisão para todos.
Não há balas para todos.
Não temos medo!
Democracia real Ya dénonce radicalement toute forme de violence à l’encontre des polulations civiles qui ont exercé leur droit légitime à se manifester publiquement, par quelque gouvernement que se soit dans le monde. Nous sommes conscients que bon nombre des mouvements de protestation qui ont eu lieu au niveau  mondial ces derniers mois, sont manipulés ou menace de l’être par des  puissances étrangères pour renverser des gouvernements qui s’opposent à  leurs intérêts. Nous dénonçons cette manipulation. Aucun gouvernement n’a le droit de massacrer son peuple et de violer ses droits.Nous nous solidarisons avec les victimes de la répression et tenons à montrer notre soutien à tous ceux qui mettent en péril leur vie et / ou leur intégrité physique dans la lutte pour un monde plus juste et plus démocratique.
Nous sommes 99%.
Il n’y a pas assez de prisons pour tout le monde.
Il n’y a pas assez de balles pour tout le monde.
Nous n’avons pas peur!

Da Democrazia real Ya, siamo a denunciare in maniera categorica, ogni violenza esercitata contro la popolazione civile durante l’esercizio del suo legittimo diritto a manifestarsi pubblicamente, per qualunque governo e in qualunque parte del Mondo. Siamo coscenti, che molti dei movimenti di protesta che si stanno verificando a livello globale negli ultimi mesi, saranno o sono già stati manipolati da potenze straniere per l’abbattimento dei cui governi si oppongono ai loro interessi. Denunciamo fortemente questa manipolazione. Nessun governo ha il diritto di massacrare il suo popolo e vulnerare i suoi diritti. Tutta la nostra solidarità con le vittime della repressione, e dimostrare il nostro più firme sostegno, a tutti coloro che mettono in pericolo la loro vita e/o la sua integrità fisica, nella lotta per un mondo più giusto e democratico.
Siamo il 99%
Non ci sono prigioni per tutti.
Non ci sono pallottole per tutti.
Non abbiamo paura!.

(Mas traducción mandar a : international@democraciarealya.es )

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Appel de Marrakech à manifester le 19 février 2012 #Maroc #FEV20 #12M12

LLamada desde Marrakech a manifestar el 19 de febrero: Un año ya de lucha por la dignidad, la libertad y la justicia social para todos los marroquíes, y solo es el principio.

Appel de Marrakech à manifester le 19 février: déjà une année de lutte pour la dignité, la liberté et la justice sociale pour TOUS les marocains, et ce n’est que le début.

Chiamata da Marrakech a manifestare il 19 di febbraio: E già passato un anno di lotta per la dignità, la libertà e la giustizia sociale per tutti i marocchini, ed è solo l’inizio.

نداء حركة 20 فبراير للتظاهر يوم 19 فبراير: سنة من النضال من أجل الكرامة، االحرية والعدالة الاجتماعية لكلّ المغاربة، وليست هذه إلّا البداية.

International 2012 Road to dignity
#12m12 #12m

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