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Greece we are with you! ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΣΑΙ ΜΟΝΗ ΣΟΥ

In solidarity with Greek People, today, we are meeting at 20pm in front of the Greek embassy. 24, Doctor Arce St. (between <M> República Argentina, Cruz del Rayo and Concha Espina).The Greek Parliament has further intensified the austerity measures. A punishment that once again falls on Greek people and benefits the Troika and other speculators.Meanwhile, in the streets, greek people refuse to be subdued and fight fiercely against financial dictatorship that has been imposed. Athens and other cities in Greece have been rioting for the last eight hours. By adopting these austerity measures, poverty will be increased and extended among greek people; and they will be burned by economy for decadesUntil when are we going to stay watching passively. How much more must screws be tighten in this slow torture. Greece we are with you!Today, at 20 pm in front of the Embassy of Greece¡No tenemos miedo!Otras convocatorias
Madrid: Embajada de Grecia en Madrid:
C/ Doctor Arce, 24 (entre los de República Argentina, Cruz del Rayo y Concha Espina)
Evento facebook:

Elche: Cayetano Martínez, nº16

Bilbao: Consulado de Grecia. Alameda Recalde, 27

Málaga: Plaza de la Constitución. 20.00h

Valencia: Plaça de l’Ajuntament (plaça 15 de maig). 20.00h

Palma de Mallorca: C/ Bonaire, 4

San Sebastian: 13/02 Portuetxe 45 C, Piso 3, Oficina 2

Santander: 13/02 C/ Calderon de la Barca, 17a

Sevilla: Frente al ayuntamiento. 13/02 20:30h

Valladolid: Plaza de Fuente Dorada. 13/02 20.00h

Vitoria-Gasteiz : 13/02 Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Cádiz: Martes 14/02, Plaza San Juan de Dios 19.00h

Roma: Embajada de Grecia : via Mercadante 36

 Embajada de Grecia Jägerstraße 55

Frankfurt: Generalkonsulat Frankfurt, Zeppelinallee 43

Düsseldorf: Miércoles, 18:30h Plaza Martin Luther

 rassemblement de solidarité avec le peuple grec en lutte à 18h30 à proximité de l’ambassade de Grece et du bureau du FMI à Paris, angle avenue d’Iena et rue auguste Vaquerie (métro Kléber)
Lyon: Consulat de Grèce, 7 Rue Barreme, Lyon 15.00h


En solidaridad con el pueblo griego, mañana lunes nos concentraremos a  las 20h frente a la embajada griega. C/ Doctor Arce, 24 (entre los  <M> de República Argentina, Cruz del Rayo y Concha Espina).
El  Parlamento griego ha recrudecido aún más las medidas de austeridad, que  castigan una vez más a l@s grieg@s en beneficio de la troika y demás  especuladores.

Mientras tanto, en las calles, la ciudadanía se niega a ser sometida  y lucha ferozmente contra la dictadura financiera,que les ha sido impuesta. Ya van ocho horas seguidas de disturbios en Atenas y otras ciudades de Grecia. La aprobación de estas nuevas medidas de austeridad no hará más que incrementar la pobreza del pueblo, y lastrarán la economía durante décadas.
Hasta cuando nos vamos a quedar mirando pasivamente. Cuanto mas deben de apretarnos las clavijas, en esta tortura a cámara lenta.
¡Grecia estamos contigo!
¡No tenemos miedo!
En solidarité avec le peuple grec, nous nous rassemblerons le lundi 13 février, à 20h00, face aux ambassades et consulats grecs en Espagne. 
Le parlement grec a approuvé les nouvelles mesures d’austérité qui feront souffrir une fois de plus la population grecque, au plus grand bénéfice de la ‘troika’ et des spéculateurs.
Dans la rue, les citoyens refusent de se soumettre et luttent contre la dictature financière, pendant plus de 8 heures à Athènes et dans plusieurs villes de Grèce.
Jusqu’à quand allons nous rester à regarder sans rien faire. De combien encore devra être serré cette vis , comme une lente torture.
Grèce nous sommes avec toi!
Demain, nous sommes à 20 h en face de l’ambassade de Grèce.

In solidarietà con il popolo greco, ci troveremo Lunedi mattina alle 20h di fronte all’ambasciata greca. C / Doctor Arce, 24 (tra <M> Argentina, Ray Cross e Concha Espina).
Il Parlamento greco ha approvato ulteriori misure di austerità, che puniscono ancora una volta il popolo greco, in beneficio della ‘troika’ ed altri speculatori.
Nel frattempo, nelle strade, la cittadinanza rifiuta il fatto di essere sottomessa e combatte ferocemente contro la dittatura finanziaria ad essa imposta. Gli scontri ad Atene sono durati otto ore di seguito, anche in altre città della Grecia. L’adozione di queste nuove misure di austerità non farà più che incrementare la povertà del popolo greco, con il conseguente peggioramento della economia per decenni.
Fino a quando stiamo disposti a guardare passivamente. Quanto più sarà ancora necessario stringerci in questa lenta tortura. Grecia siamo vicini a te!
Oggi, alle 20h davanti all’ambasciata della Grecia.
¡No tenemos miedo!.
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18 Responses to “Greece we are with you! ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΣΑΙ ΜΟΝΗ ΣΟΥ”

  1. Je m’appelle Hélène…

    Je m’appelle Hélène…Je suis grecque… la Grèce… quelle étrange tendresse ?
    Ma ville natale ne s’écrit plus en lettres capitales
    ATHÈNES mère, marraine !
    J’ai décidé sous l’œil de cette caméra
    De mettre fin à mes jours
    De m’arroser d’essence et de m’immoler par le feu
    Parce que je n’ai pas envie de te céder
    Pour une poignée d’euros
    Ni de concéder une goutte d’hydrogène et deux gouttes d’oxygène pour combler un trou que l’Europe a creusé pour nous abuser toutes les deux.
    Athènes, mère, marraine !
    Je n’ai pas envie que tu meures
    Je n’ai pas envie qu’on t’assiste
    Pour respirer, manger ou bouger
    Je n’ai pas envie de te confier à un tiers
    Ni te mettre entre les mains de quelques pervers europhiles… des financiers déguisés en justiciers pour te sous-traiter comme une vulgaire marchandise avant de te retirer tes organes vitaux et te vider de ton sang et jeter tes mémoires dans les poubelles de l’histoire…
    Pour eux, ta vie ne vaut pas un euro
    Et un euro qu’est-ce que ça vaut ?

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  2. SusanBryant says:

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  3. Alex says:

    My testimony from the rebellion in Athens 12.2.12

    What happened yesterday words cannot describe…
    The brutality of police repression units cannot be put into words.
    In these few lines I will do my best to narrate what I witnessed first hand, along with at least 500.000 of my co-citizens.

    Ealy afternoon around 18:00. Ermou St is the most famous pedestrian shopping road, leading to Syntagma square, where the Greek Parliament is located. Thousands of people, many holding their children, marching down the street to protest against this unconstitutional Government’s ill will.
    The road was packed and everything seemed strangly peaceful, although in the background few sporadic explosions of tear gases were heard from the far end of the square which led some of the early protesters to withdraw momentarily.
    I thought this was a good thing, we could keep our forces recycling to keep the pressure on.
    I thought wrong.
    A squad of the special devision of the Greek Police (called MAT) were marching through this packed shopping road, kicking and pushing with their shields!!! People were yelling against them, some throwing bottles of water. And then the nightmare started. The state hooligans threw military tear gasses in the squeezed crowd creating havoc and mayhem. People were screaming in panic from suffocation, caught totally unprepared by such unprovoked brutality.
    I could not comprehend for the life of me that this is happening at Ermou street where moments ago a father held his child up his shoulders. I was caught off guard not even wearing my cheap anthrax mask…
    Behind me a girl passed out, out of panic and suffocation. I held her together with her boyfriend to save her from being walked over..We took a few more steps in tears, throwing up, and then she fainted again. We held her trying to create a protective circle from the crowd that was retreating disorderly.
    Third time I could not take it, we were inside the teargas fog and I could hardly see them anymore. I let them go and amidst tables and chairs I moved on to grasp a breath of clean air, otherwise I would have fainted myself.
    At the next street we started counting casualties. Everybody was shouting in rage. “All these MAT-assholes are your neighbors! FIND them and disclose where they live!” I yelled back.
    After a short passage through the flooded Klaythmonos square we arrived at Fillelinon St.
    Battle scenes at the streets. Non only the so called usual rioters but people, plain people throwing stones and broken marble fragments.

    Next Amalias St to find some friends and there again it is full of people. Wherever you go a flooded sea of people! The group of the communist party (PAME) was going somewhere as usual. Somewhere far from where it should be…towards Sygrou…
    At Amalia hotel I find Yiannis. Things were relatively calm.
    An american-german reporter inside the crowd was being a smartass. He said Greeks hate their country. I was not at the spot to get my hands on him, but there were others. He ended up running in panic to enter the hotel while two or three outraged people ran after him swearing.
    Panic, and justified one, indeed.
    “Dear friends german, french, international businessmen thinking that you will come to buy out our water and electricity public companies and “reform” them to YOUR best interest, this is how we will ‘greet’ you. Hunted down on the streets!”.
    At a narrow street next to the hotel some are smashing up marbles to use as ammunition. Further down is Fillelinon st there was a MAT squad for targeting practice. Young people with the help of elders were “showing their appreciation” for the safety they provided.
    At Amalias avenue again, loud sounds. Another MAT squad has suddenly appeared from behind in order to cut the crowd in two. They were outnumbered and retreated after some marble bursts from rioters.

    Time to try to get back at Syntagma. Unexpectedly, the coast is clear. I have been downtown from 18.00 and it took me 3 to 4 hours to finally get to the much desired point. There, we got together with a group of young lawyers. Nobody was wearing a mask from our companion. I shared with them my fear that in 5 minutes tops, cops will raid on us. Unfortunately I was right.
    Chemicals were everywhere! People were shouting “Stay Calm, Stay Calm!”, but I knew the teargas cloud hadn’t yet arrived. Once it did anxious on suffocating, people were climbing down the Syntagma stairs in a hurry. I pulled my friend and went to the side, at the grates. We fell onto a MAT squad. When the stairs seemed empty, we descended too, in the foggy atmosphere, in order to avoid being beaten by those bullies.
    But that wasn’t enough for them. Those perjurer cops teargassed all Syntagma square from higher ground! We split towards Grand Bretagne and Panepistimiou st.That was a bad move. It was a “playing ground” for cops and “rioters”. As to whom is the rioter, everybody should answer this by himself. A molotov bomb reached a cop and outside the metro station a flash grenade landed on my foot! Not beside but actually ON my foot :)
    We moved further down the street. Outside the Currency Museum a graffiti said “No more saving us!”.
    That’s where magic happened…
    A loud continuous noise could be heard.
    What was that? a friend asked
    “It’s the noise of tanks!” I said jokingly.
    Guys in hoods and masks were hitting rhythmically the protective iron gates of the banks and multinational companies!
    But they were not alone! In moments thousands of people joined them, started banging rhythmically with bear hands on the iron, shouting and whistling! This war chant could be heard everywhere in the central of the city and the Parliament as well!
    We were in awe.
    The street was filled with barricades. Firemen in vehicles were trying to put out the flames while some police forces were outside the University gate. “Go inside you illiterate pigs to learn how to read!!” the crowd screamed at them.
    Further down the street towards Omonoia square, more flames. Rioters were smashing a gold-exchange shop, one of many who suck up people’s blood. We were all shouting “Tear it down to pieces!”. Close by, looting was going on inside an armory shop, where many swords and pointy objects found their way towards the MAT forces. Suddenly, from the square, the sound of a bomb! Not a molotov … but something bigger…
    After saying goodbye to some friends we headed back to Syntagma through the bombarded streets.We crossed through the MAT forces. We we wearing no masks. They seemed exhausted. A cop narrated to the others how he was “pumped up” throwing stones back at the rioters. I thought to myself.: Do those but-heads understand what will happen to them when people take justice back on their hands? We were passing between their lines and they seemed like sheep outside their corral.
    Syntagma 23.00+ much fewer people now in front of the Parliament. Somebody was playing with a trumpet the national anthem. Not very successfully. A camera rushes behind him to get a good shot. He turns and says the inimitable “Would you rather hear me playing ‘Strangers in the night’ ?”.
    MAT forces in blue (not army green) uniforms are now standing outside the parliament. Some women shout at them that they will take them down. A guy walks up and down in front of them, like a sergeant in a military inspection, swearing “transvestites inside!” “Not 20 euro, nor 15 nor 10. Gratis transvestites inside, and a nice pussy, Kaili”.
    We stand at the pavement listening to the voting.
    Petsalnikos (president of the Parliament) asks: “Is there anybody who didn’t hear his name?”

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  4. Nikiforos says:

    Brothers, don’t believe those who say the global moneylenders and their Parrots. Greeks are not thieves and lazy. Greek corrupt governments were taking loans and distributes them to the rich people. The people did not get anything. We had never infrastructure, education, hospitals, insurance, healthcare, insurance fund. Worked 12 hours with little pay and all products are expensive. Citizens are not responsible for this situation. All elected politicians telling lies that will correct the situation. We will not stop fighting until you throw into the sea the thieves and traitors politicians and the vultures of IMF. It is not only Greek problem. They are all over the Europe and make citizens suffer. Democracy started in Greece and here will be reborn. We want Europe union for people not for markets. Thank you for your support.

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